Thursday, December 01, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: riding the rails edition

 We had such a fun time on our Thanksgiving weekend train ride.  It was one of those rare times when a small amount of spontaneity, judiciously applied, worked out for us.

Of course, when I put it like that it doesn't sound very spontaneous at all.  But if you've ever tried your hand at mobilizing a herd of children, then you know what I mean.

{pretty, real}

My bookend girls.  When people ask me the fabled large family question - "but how do you DO it?!" -
I tell them my secret.  Ready?  They are not all six months old.  A set of teenage (or nearly teenage) hands can really come in handy.  And they can do so much more than what is generally expected of them in today's world.

{real, funny}

The swaying of the train car hypnotized Baby.  "You are getting veeerrry sleeeepy . . ."


What we didn't realize, until just before we boarded, was that this was the Santa Train!  Bun was pretty excited when Santa came into our car.

Fiver looking pretty hypnotized as well.

{pretty, happy}

Sally was a little nervous as the train started, but she perked up when the candy canes came out.


This is how you know Mopsy is missing nap time:  her favorite fingers go in her mouth and she starts twirling her hair.

{pretty, real}

Sometimes I can't believe how grown Francie looks.  When I see a snapshot like this, or when I look over my shoulder in the kitchen and realize I am looking at her face at eye level, not down near the floor, it practically slaps me in the face.  When did my baby reach 5'3" and start wearing shoes one size smaller than mine?

Now head over  to LMLD and join in the {p,h,f,r} fun!


  1. Your kids are beautiful and yes, Francie looks SO grown-up! Thanks for sharing about your gift of a wonderful family day.

  2. I relate so much to Francie! As one of the oldest in a large family, I often helped with the younger children. What memories she is making!

  3. A family train ride, how fun! My Thomas-loving boy would especially love it. Maybe one day. What a beautiful family you are making precious memories with!

  4. Whoa. Francie looks so amazingly grown up. The first picture of her I wondered if she was your sister or something. I'm sort of in shock. Yikes! So kids really do just keep growing?

  5. T with Honey10:26 AM

    Your oldest is as tall as I am?! It has definitely been too long since we have seen each other.

  6. I've bookend girls, too!
    And my big girl is 12, nearly 5'2 and I can't wear her shoes because her feet are bigger than mine!

  7. That first picture is so beautiful. You must frame it and give it to Francie. And Sally is too big, so can you tell her to slow it down? I'm jealous of the train fun, yours is the second post I've read today about riding a train over the holiday.

  8. OK, I thought Francie was you for a second!! And even my 8 year old is such a great helper with getting the baby and feeding him a bottle. Love it!

  9. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I really thought that first picture was YOU holding the baby!! Can't believe how beautiful that girl is! Those pics make me miss all of you even more.....
    Love, Christina


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