Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Quick Takes, another easy back-to-blogging transition, courtesy of Conversion Diary.  Here we go! . . . .


Oh dear Lord my heart is broken and sick over what is going on, and what has gone on unchecked, at Penn State.   I am not even going to link to any news stories because if you haven't heard about it yet, then you are probably not anywhere near a computer, television, newspaper, magazine or another human being.  

See, we are big Penn State fans here.  I get it from my Dad, who listened to the games on an old gray radio while he worked out in the yard or the barn.  We grew up knowing what to say when someone yelled WE ARE! . . .   We cheered hard for the blue and white. 

And now my children are Penn State fans, and they cheer for the blue and the white, and when I say to Bun, WE ARE!, he yells back PENN STATE! 

So hearing all of the news coming out of State College is like hearing about a death.  And from all the reports, there certainly have been deaths in the murdered innocence and trust of children.  The abuse allegations are horrific.

What has been beyond disappointing is the response of the adults in the situation.  It is sickening to think that a person could walk in on the rape of a child and still wonder about what course of action to take.  Are we dead inside?  The course of action is to do whatever it takes to stop it!  If that means standing there and calling 911?  If that means confronting the abuse in the moment, even if it means a physical altercation to stop it?   If that means not only reporting it up the chain, but also notifying police and weathering the repercussions?  Then DO THAT.  ALL OF THAT.

I know that I don't know all the details, but it certainly seems that, in addition to the evil perpetrated by the actual abuser, some good people made some very wrong decisions.  It is a betrayal of the worst kind.

So, will I still let my kids root for Penn State and wear their Penn State shirts?  Yes, I will.  Because I am proud of the students who are organizing vigils and a "blue-out" for the victims at Saturday's game.  Because the majority of students, alumni, fans, and supporters are sickened and outraged.  And because when my kids say WE ARE . . . PENN STATE, I want it to be true.  I want to believe in the good people there.  People of character who will do the right thing. 
And if they are in short supply, then I guess I just have to make some more.


Sally is really enjoying kindergarten, but having not gone to preschool she has been relatively sheltered from the meanness of other kids.  Of course she has tussled with her siblings, but it's different with them.  Mostly because, underneath it all, her siblings love her and get her.  It's strange to contemplate a peer being mean to you just because.

She got a crash course this week when one of her table mates, after hearing her express pride about coming in second place in a game at gym, told her "well, you know that second place just means first loser." 


Unfortunately, it backfired for the kid because Sally was still pleased with her effort and said, "at least first loser is first!"

I pray every day that she keeps her sunny disposition.  It's her best feature and I think it will serve her well in life.


Speaking of Sally, we are all so happy that she is only two doses away from being finished with her 84 dose course of antibiotics.  A month's supply almost done, whew!

I hadn't mentioned it on here, but she has been battling Lyme Disease.  She had had a fever a couple months back, but it only lasted a few days and we figured she picked up a virus somewhere.  She did have a rash, but it was not the typical bullseye at the site of the tick kind of rash.  It was all over her body, and then it disappeared as quickly as it came.

But about a month ago, she complained of some joint pain.  Then one morning she woke up and couldn't bend her legs.  It was scary because a healthy and active 5 year old usually does not have severe joint pain unless it's something serious.

Rob took her in for an x-ray, and he also told me he was getting a lab panel for Lyme Disease.  Even though the lab usually re-runs the test as a precaution, her titers were so high that they knew right away and started her on antibiotics.

Even though it was sad to watch her miss her beloved dance class and struggle with walking, I realize that the other diagnoses that would explain her joint pain, like cancer or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, are worse.   She has responded very well to the medicine and she is back to normal range of motion.

Thank you, Lord, for modern medicine! 


The little kids and I are getting a huge kick out of the Motown station on the Pandora app for the iPad (I also have it on the iPod).   I grab Baby, and Bun and Mopsy and I dance all around the kitchen while I sing at the top of my lungs. 

First of all, the music is upbeat and highly danceable.  Also, the lyrics are not horrible or full of bad words like most pop music these days.   It just makes us happy.

And also?  When Bun hears Sam Cooke or Otis Redding, he says "Now this guy is GOOD!"  and I just die a little from the cuteness. 


This is Bun's pick for song of the day:


Thanksgiving is almost here!   We are big Thanksgiving fans around here and we always look forward to celebrating it. 

I am starting to plan out the menu, even though we usually eat the same thing every year, but I like to have my ducks in a row anyway.   My brother is cooking the turkey, which I am very happy about since that's always the part I like least about cooking the meal, but I'm happy to do the rest.

Plus, it's really the only time of year that I make apple pie, since I am a glutton who cannot handle being around pies with any regularity.  Mmmmm . . .  pie . . . . 


Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there.  We love you  and thank you for your service!  Now go find some free food and celebrate!

Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Sally is one awesome girl- I love that she put the other kid in place without being unkind...she just confidently stated the facts. That is a bad a$$ comment of the best kind.
    Penn State: Horrific. And there's going to be more to it. I keep saying that I'm just going to build a bubble and have the 5 of us live inside it for forever.
    Love the Motown tunes Dancing & singing in the kitchen is the best :)

  2. Sounds like Sally is a "glass TOTALLY full" kind of girl. Those are rare. I'm glad she stood up to her classmate--and happy to hear that she is doing well after her medication for Lyme.
    I love Motown--that's the music I put on when I need to get motivated to do housework. (Bun has good taste.)
    As for Penn State, we're Irish fans here, but how could we not respect venerable PSU and JoePa?
    And I love what you said about if there are not enough people around to do the right thing, then you'll just have to make more. Awesome! I'll have to make sure I do my best with the 3 I have.

  3. Travis's uncle went to Penn State (he married into the family) so we have followed the team as well. It is so disappointing that more was not done at the time. I hate that JoePa is leaving under this shameful situation. So much good undone by failing to do the right thing at the right time. And with the rumors that I have read, it seems there is more to come out, and I think some majorly heavy repercussions for the athletic program.

    So glad Sally is doing better. We know many people with Lyme disease and it is such a mysterious and frustrating illness when it is not caught and treated immediately. And mean kindergarteners are just sad.

    I will have to add the Motown station to my Pandora. I do love that music.

  4. So sorry to hear about Sally's illness, but I'm glad you caught it and she's back on track again. What a sugar!

    We are sad about Penn State, too, even though we are, of course, Buckeyes. Any situation that involves the abuse of a young person is abhorrent, and this one particularly so due to so many selfish motives. I just keep saying "I don't understand how..." Of course we dealt with the repercussions at Ohio State but tattoos for prizes looks pretty pathetic now.

  5. GeeGee10:59 AM

    I am so glad you are back to the blog! As I don't "Facebook", this is my only way to see pictures of my babies. However, for some reason,they look even bigger and older in the pictures than they do in person! I need to get up there more often!
    Of course you know we are in a state of mourning over Penn State! It is like death around here...and death with dishonor. I just don't understand....

    We are looking forward to the holidays with our beloved family. Daddy also put together a mental list of "who's bringing what". I have the easiest part: I will work until 3:00 PM and drive to your house where everything will be ready!!! Thank you all my children(and hubby)for making Thanksgiving so beautiful for the family...
    See you soon...


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