Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Five Spot

Our Sally is five today.  

Rob and I often joke that if a child could be made out of flesh and blood and joy and rainbows, it would be Sally.  We should have named her Sunny.  Even her siblings know it -- she's the one they all want to play with because she's so amiable.

There are almost four years in between Fiver and Sally, and we had always wanted to have them closer together.  But thankfully our plan was not God's plan because any other child would not be Sally.

And we just can't imagine our lives without her.

Happy birthday, lovey.


  1. Happy Birthday Sally! I hope she has a wonderful birthday :) She has the most beautiful blue eyes!

  2. Happy Birthday to a lovely girl!! P.S.-We really need to consider a play date some time (you know, in your free time, wanna add 3 more kids instantly-LOL)

  3. Oh how sweet! I'm sure Sally had a delightful birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday! God is one smart guy, yes? ;)

  5. Marguerite7:23 AM

    I am the horrible aunt that did not call her-Happy happy Birthday Princess-we will see you Saturday!


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