Thursday, April 21, 2011


Although this week has been flying by, I think that your comments on my last post and a good confession with a wise priest last night has made me feel much more peaceful.   I'm still not doing much of anything, but I have Easter clothes for the children, parents who are bringing Easter dinner to our house, and the ability to make it to church for the next three days.   

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

I tried to remember what the liturgies were like last year for Holy Week, and when I couldn't recall them I realized it was because I never made it to any of them.  I was in the hospital delivering Mopsy during Holy Week last year. 

(Well, I wasn't delivering her for the whole week, Thank you God, but she was born on Spy Wednesday, so I spent Holy Week on my "hospital vacation.")

Since I'll be busy delegating house cleaning chores to the children, I thought I'd link up with {pretty, happy, funny, real} over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.  

I'll most likely be gone from the computer for the next few days (unless I can get myself together enough to schedule some auto-posts tonight?), but I will see you on the glorious other side.

New shoes for Easter.  Lots of new shoes.

"Eileen's Dress." 
Francie wore this dress for her first Easter, then Sally wore it, and now it's Mopsy's turn.
It was given to us by Rob's late godmother, Eileen - one of the funniest and warmest women I've ever met.
We miss her.

{real & happy}
School's out for Easter break today, so that means a little leisure time with a video. 
Leave it to Fiver to notice when I'm trying to get a candid shot.

Poor Mopsy is a little shaggy these days.
Why do baby bangs grow three times faster than the rest of their hair?
Especially when I hate to cut baby bangs?


  1. Mopsy must be about a month older than my little one--her baby bangs curl up, although I have used (for about an hour) a tiny little alligator hair clip with a bow on special occasions. I have been looking for those cute headbands that are safe for little ones, now that I have a baby that will actually tolerate stuff in her hair!

  2. Karen1:42 PM

    My darn laundry baskets sneak into my living room pictures, too! Now, that is real. Love the blog! :)

  3. What a sweet heirloom dress! My children have had the fortune of wearing hand made clothing from their great-great grandmother. Such treasures!

  4. That's what barrettes are for :)


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