Friday, April 01, 2011

10 Facts About Me and My Better Half

Instead of doing quick takes this week, I thought I'd join in with Betty Beguiles and share ten facts about Rob and yours truly.

One: I went to college with Rob's sister and we met when he came to visit her. We visited the historic sites in Gettysburg and ended up having an in depth conversation for the whole ride home. We haven't stopped talking since.

Two: Before I met Rob, I saw a picture of him in his sister's room and thought he was 35. He was really 21. In my defense, he was wearing his Navy uniform and he wasn't smiling. But typical of his personality, he still thinks it's funny.

Three: Rob and I got engaged when I was 19. I think I might go nuts if Francie came home engaged at 19, but my parents have loved Rob since day one. They've always been insightful people.

Four: Rob and I have amazingly similar personalities. I know they say opposites attract, but I guess we are the exception that proves the rule. Even when we disagree, we can usually do it calmly and sensibly. Unless you are talking about the proper way to load the dishwasher, then it's time to drop the gloves.

Five: Despite our similarities, we have just enough personality differences to keep us complementary. He is much calmer and laid back than I am, and even though I am technically an introvert I have enough spark to bring him out of his quiet shell.

Six: Rob is hilarious. Sometimes people are really surprised to hear that since he is so quiet, but his sense of humor is razor sharp. When we got married, my mother said to us, "Well, no matter what, you'll always have laughter." She was right -- I laugh every single day we are together.

Seven: I've never met anyone I can talk to as easily as Rob. Not even my closest girlfriends (and that's saying something, because I can really talk to my friends. A lot.) He's my very best friend.

Eight: Rob is an amazing father. I always knew he would be a good dad, but truth be told, neither one of us ever expected to have this many children in our family. Our hearts have changed together, and he has turned out to be a better father to our children than I could have imagined. I feel so blessed that my sons can look to him to know how a Christian man should act, and that my daughters can look to him to see how a good man treats the women he loves.

Nine: Rob is a much better Christian than I am, and he is specifically a much better Catholic Christian. He is unfailingly generous in everything, and I should know better than most people since I am usually on the receiving end of his generosity of spirit. I always hope to make him proud and happy that I am his wife.

Ten: We will celebrate our 14th anniversary on June 14th. It seems like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time.

Happy weekend, my friends!


  1. Awww, I love the way you talk about your husband - so inspiring!

    And it's funny that you all didn't think you would end up with all your children. When we got married we both naively said we wanted 12 kids! What fools in love we were :)

  2. Wow, what a precious post! You are very blessed!

  3. It sounds like maybe you like him...just a little? Very sweet love story.

  4. Marguerite11:23 AM

    I fell like having a Jim Dandy Sunday all over again:)

  5. Love this- you two sound like a great match :)

  6. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Happy anniversary, Aimee. I love learning about you two. Pure sweetness.

  7. Too funny - I was engaged at 19, too. And when I think about my kids getting married that young I go into a panic ;-)

  8. The strongest marriages I've seen have all been based on faith. Your husband has some wonderful gifts, but don't forget that God gives us all gifts and they aren't all the same. There are qualities you bring to the table, too. Congratulations and good thoughts being sent your way.

  9. GeeGee8:08 AM

    You are right! We instantly loved Robert. As he left our kitchen the day we met him, I turned to Dad and said, "I think they might get serious about each other" and Daddy replied "Might? THey already are. He's the one..." And we have always been grateful to have him as our son...You are his queen, and we have watched his devotion to you grow over the years.He is truly a gentleman in every sense of the word.

    Robert verifies my claim that a good father is essential to raising happy, well-adjusted children. He is a wonderful father--faithful, loving, patient, kind, fun, consistent, strong, God-fearing,humble...I could go on and on...I love to watch your family dynamics. Your children adore their parents. You and Rob balance each other so beautifully and the children feel secure. They have learned respect, love, and so many other virtues from you and Rob.
    Thank you for saying "yes" to God and Rob. Thank you for faithfully accepting your vocation and living it with joy.
    I know the joy Daddy and I feel with you, Rob, and our incredible grandchildren is indescribable.
    How wonderful to know what love really is...

  10. GeeGee8:17 AM

    By the way,bloggers...we have taken to Rob's family as well...we loved his little sister from the day Aimee brought her home from college...that little pixie has also become a wonderful wife and mother,aunt, and sister-in-law.
    Rob's other siblings are also great people, as well as his lovely mother...we love them...

  11. So many things to celebrate! Happy Anniversary to you and happy bleated birthday to Mopsey! This was great fun to read- you are both meant for each other :)


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