Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Takes Friday

This may quite possibly be the world's most boring quick takes. Nothing much has happened here this week, and that is not a complaint. Homeostasis is a very good thing.


During my first trimester, I lost the taste for coffee. It didn't make me sick, but it just didn't taste right. Since I usually limit myself to one cup a day (knowing my gluttonous tendencies), and since I am the only one in the house who drinks coffee, I just fell out of the habit of making it.

Now that I am knocking on the door of my third trimester, my taste for coffee has returned. I have once again started making it in the morning and I realized how much I enjoy the smell of coffee wafting through the house.

And the taste. Oh yum.

Welcome back, old friend.


After a weather-delayed start, Bun finally got to start his new speech therapy sessions this week.

Since he turned three, he is no longer eligible for in-home therapist visits, so he goes to the local preschool center run by the county intermediate unit and he sees his therapist there.

I was a little worried about how he would adjust since he's never been to preschool and I am not allowed to go with him into the treatment room.

He did amazingly well. He took his therapist's hand, waved goodbye, and trotted away happily.

Meanwhile, Sally was the one who cried her eyes out as he left. In between sobs, she managed to say, "Oh [Bun], I miss him so much! What if he needs us and we're not there!"

There's a reason why we call her Little Mama.


I am finally going to get my picture taken for my driver's license. It expired a month ago today.

Don't worry, I'm not driving around like a scofflaw. I renewed online, but I need to take my camera card in for a new picture.

I am extremely excited to have a new driver's license picture taken when I am six months pregnant. I can't think of any picture that would be more flattering than that.


Francie has a pen pal whom she met through a popular horseback riding magazine. A pen pal is perfect for her since it combines her love of writing and her love of office supplies, which is nearly as great as mine. It's genetic.

Last night, she came down and asked for stamp because she wanted to mail out her new letter right away. She mentioned that she had answered a lot of questions that her pen pal had asked.

Curious, Rob and I asked what kinds of things her pen pal wanted to know.

Francie turned to us and said, "Oh, you know. We're discussing evolution and stuff."


I'm pretty sure that I have never once discussed evolution with anyone with whom I've corresponded.

Now I really want to read her letter . . .


This has been the first full week of school for my children since January 2nd. No cancellations, no delays, no scheduled holidays . . . just all school, all the time.

Believe it or not, I think the kids were happier than I was. They were starting to get really miffed about all the things they were missing in school.

And although it is still pretty cold, the increased daylight and singing birds have me seeing the light at the end of winter's tunnel.


Last night, Sally asked me if the baby in my belly can turn into twins right before it is born.

Oh, dear God, I hope not. That might be a shock from which I would never recover.


See? So boring that I don't even have a number seven. Go visit Jen at Conversion Diary and see if anyone else has something better going on.

Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Love that remark about twins. Kids are funny. I wish I had a pen pal. Well, I guess I could have one if I would sit down and write a letter to a friend. Hmmm.

  2. Wow...six months and a driver's license picture, that has all the makings of a disaster! Hoping for the best!

    Twins? Yikes! My middle son asked the other day could we adopt a Chinese baby. When I told him no, he said he would pray about it. Is it wrong to pray he forgets to pray?

    As for us...our kids around here have not had a complete week of school since Christmas. This week, most of them have gone 1/2 of one day. Today, it is a balmy 4 degrees, which is very unusual around these parts! I am desperate for spring!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I always love your Quick Takes -- never boring. And I love, love that picture of the little Cinnamon Bun (as to differentiate from the Original Bun).

    Pardon my daftness, but did we make an announcement about the pinkness or blueness of Cinnamon Bun? Just planning ahead, if possible. ;-)

  4. ROFL! Sally sounds like such a fun kid! And yeah, I'm curious about that letter too. Wonder how they got on the subject of evolution?!

    Hee hee, I like "Cinnamon Bun" but I'm still sticking with my original "Sixer" nickname :)

  5. evolution?! Yeah- I never wrote about that to my pen pals either!!

    Amy, I am so out of it that I'm not sure that I've officially congratulated you on this pregnancy or not yet. So- since I can't remember what I've typed anywhere 6 months ago, let me say Yay! and congrats!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day :)


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