Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes


I have made peace with this winter. Stop laughing.

As I looked out the window this morning and saw that it was snowing again, I finally gave up. I mean really, what am I going to do? Invent a weather machine? This is January in PA and I need to stop pretending that it will all be over soon.

I accept that it takes me 25 minutes to get everyone dressed to go outside, since Francie is the only one who can dress herself from head to toe completely unassisted. And I accept that once everyone is dressed, someone will be back at the door in 4 minutes to let me know that they lost a mitten or there's snow in their boot.

All I can say is that, come summer, I refuse to have anything to do with dressing my children for the outdoors. So if you drive by a house where all the kids are hanging out in their underwear, be sure stop in and say hello.


On the other hand, I have absolutely not made peace with the commercials shown on "kids" cable networks. Nickelodeon, I am looking at you. They are really brain-rottingly awful.

And those commercials are why my children are NOT looking at you.


Another thing ranking high on my list these days? The News. And news outlets in general.

I feel like there is just no way to get any kind of reliable news anymore.

Hundreds of thousands of people peacefully marched for life in Washington on Monday - hundreds of thousands - and there was not a single word on any news program. Not even a word on our local news, even though I know many local groups participated. That's depressing to me.

I like how some blogs out there called all the marchers "ninjas" because they were able to sneak in and out of Washington without ever being detected by our vigilant media. An amazing feat.


I am really not digging how much I cannot eat tomatoes/tomato based products during this pregnancy. The baby and my esophagus will not tolerate a breach in my defenses when it comes to tomatoes.

This intolerance has been steadily increasing for my last three pregnancies, but I have officially reached the point where I cannot have them at all. No lasagna, no pizza, no ketchup, no homemade chili, nada.

What really stinks is that one of the main things I frequently crave is a heaping plate of spaghetti covered in freshly grated Parmesan cheese. My mouth is watering right now, but I know that this too shall pass. (And I luckily seem to be able to go right back to tomato products after the baby is born.)

So, when the inevitable future moment comes when this son or daughter accuses me of not caring about him or her enough, I will simply point them to this post.

And then I will eat my weight in spaghetti.


Speaking of this pregnancy, I was digging around for something under my bathroom sink when I happened upon a box of over the counter ovulation tests with several sticks missing.

So I thought I'd pass along a little lesson I learned this time around:

If you have a five month old baby and you are still trying to get back on track with your natural family planning because your hormones have turned your highly irregular cycles even more erratic, you may think about buying some ovulation tests to see exactly what the haps are with your cycle and your . . . ahem . . . availability. Nothing wrong with that.

However, if you take said tests and they keep showing a positive ovulation sign for more than a week and a half, then you might want to buy yourself a pregnancy test. Since most women do not ovulate for days on end, chances are the ovulation test ain't the only thing that's gonna come up positive. Just sayin'.


Rob saw the box of ovulation tests on the counter and said, with a twinkle in his eye:

"Think you might be ovulating, huh?"

A-ha. Ahahahahahahahaha.

No, no I don't think I'm ovulating right now.


I had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and although I have more to post about it later, I can confidently tell you that it really does not lose it's magic. Not even after six times.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

For more quick takes, stop by Conversion Diary. Even if you don't want to read the quick takes, there's always something good over there.

Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. #5 Cracked me up! Well, at least you know the tests work, right? ;-)

  2. The snow is crazy but you are right, January in PA...we will be sweating in no time! And the commercial choices on kid channels- agreed. Disney has seriously questionable taste--especially the commercials shown during holiday specials and movies. Makes you wonder...and #5- I hear you- my boys were born a year and 10 days apart. You just never know what might be in store! Hope you are feeling good except for the heartburn :)

  3. about some Shrimp Scampi with pasta? I made some on Friday. Wow, that was good. I am a big red sauce fan, but my husband doesn't care much for it. He was happy to eat linguine THIS way, though.

  4. So glad you have a since of humor about it all. ;) I also use a fertility monitor to know what is going on and it has given me such peace of mind, at least so far. I like not having to interpret things on my own.

    And well, I have nothing to say regarding your weather. You know how I feel about that white stuff.

    I am also stunned at the complete lack of coverage of the March for Life. Sad.

    Baby is good?

    I couldn't stand the smell of spaghetti with first 3 pregnancies. Thankfully it went away with the others.

  5. GeeGee11:11 AM

    You and Granny have something in common regarding the tomato/pregnancy thing. Poor Granny gagged the whole time she was canning tomatoes...for me it was raw meat. When I was expecting you, I had "morning sickness" at 5:00 PM. I would come home from work and lie on the sofa for about 3 hours. I could not cook any meat...good thing your father liked to cook or he would have starved!

    In any case, you look very well, as beautiful as ever...

  6. You always make me laugh! Every single take was funny!

    Pro-Life Ninjas. I hadn't stopped to think about exactly what that term meant. Who gets in and out of Washington without being noticed!? Hmmm.... Nebraska turned out about 4K people for its own Walk for Life in Lincoln. I took the girls (8 & 7) and went. Next time I'm going by myself. Since there weren't any walls to climb, they climbed their uncle and climbed the priest I was standing with. *sigh* They would have gotten attention in Washington, I'm sure.

    Your ovulation tests made me laugh. Since my first two were 13 months apart and my next two were 16 months apart, I know all about surprises. We've been able to space the babies lately, but I just keep waiting for #6 to sneak in to our family as a surprise. No signs yet. ;)



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