Monday, January 10, 2011

Hey, It's a Whole New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends!

Yes, I realize I am about a week and a half late to the party, but I figure I can still wish you all a happy new year as long as I am still writing "2010" on all my checks.

That gives me until March at least.

Our holidays were absolutely great, and I have not a single picture to back up that statement. Not even one shot from Christmas morning.

In fact, I didn't even pick up the camera at all. That's how I know it was a great holiday -- nothing was forced or staged. We were all merry, (almost) all the time.

We spent Christmas Day at home, with my parents and siblings visiting for gifts and dinner. It has been years since I've been able to enjoy Christmas Day with my whole family, and it was really delightful. Just very relaxed and fun.

I've also been away from the computer a lot since Christmas, which explains the horrible blog neglect. In fact, I'm sure there is no one left out there to even read this, but so be it. A mom needs to do what a mom needs to do -- especially if all her kids and her husband have spent a large part of their time passing around a nasty upper respiratory infection.

But we seem to be holding steady now, so I guess it's time to forge ahead into the new year for real. I'm looking forward to it, my friends.


  1. Welcome back! I've been thinking about you on a regular basis. So glad y'all had a merry holiday. I hope the sickness has vacated the premises for a long time.

  2. Aw, hope you all are feeling better! Happy New Year to you and I am so happy that I am not the only one who gets into the moment and totally forgets her camera...hopefully happy memories will replace lovely scrapbooks!

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Hurray! Glad you are back.

  4. Hello again :) Glad to "see" you again but equally glad that you took the time you needed and enjoyed your lovely family...looking forward to all that 2011 has to bring :)

  5. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, and Congrats on your latest news... Looks like it'll be a great year for you.


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