Thursday, October 07, 2010


I am still here, but I had been feeling crotchety so I stayed away. No one needs to hear about that every day, so I decided to follow the wisdom of the ages:

If I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all.

But that makes for one super boring blog. It's your classic catch-22.

Actually, I was not feeling crotchety about everything, but it's so easy for that grumpiness to extend into areas that are clicking along smoothly. I needed to batten the hatches.

We've been enjoying our busy autumn, and today is cool and sunny, which is a nice break from the apocalyptic rains we've had recently.

I'm also enjoying my Phillies' baseball. Roy Halladay pitches a no-hitter in his first post season appearance? Against a team that hits home runs just for giggles? The man is a robot. A really good baseball robot.

(But like a true Philly sports fan, I will stop talking about this now and assume the worst from here on out. We are so used to losing right when we are winning.)

No, my own life is very good. I was mostly just crotchety about our culture and where it's headed and what my children's futures might be like. So, you know, no biggie.

I had read some very disheartening things on the internet, and so I just decided to retreat. Not so much to put my head in the sand , but to feed my mind and my heart and my soul with good things. True things. To pray, hope, and not worry.

Basically, I was avoiding the near occasion of sin. And, as much as it is informative and amusing and uplifting, the internet can be a huge and very near occasion of sin for me.

And what is funny to me is that some of the very things that were disturbing me became very interesting and eventually reassuring topics of conversation with various people. They may even have blog post potential. Or not, depending on how late I'm going to need to stay up for play-off baseball games

(Done talking about it. DONE.)

Sorry to be such a boring internet friend, but I think, had I come around, I might have been not such good company.

How's it been for you?


  1. My team (Red Sox) didn't even make the playoffs so at least you have baseball to enjoy.

    Retreating and praying...that's all you can do sometimes. After all, isn't that what Jesus did when things got a little crazy for him. WWJD, after all!

  2. I've said it from the beginning, Barbara, we have to watch out for Joey Votto. Seriously, the guy is a run machine.

  3. Hee hee hee ... speaking of grumpy, you should go see what I've written. I'm a little crotchety too, right now. ;)

  4. I finally get why all my PA friends are sporting red and white and talking baseball during football season- the playoffs! Riiight, they're winning again! Go Phils!

    and the rest of it comes as it comes... wasn't one of de Sales' favorite bible quotes "look at the lillies and the birds... don't worry about tomorrow" :) I'll try it if you will!

  5. Sometimes I have to shut out all of the nonsense too--and other times, I am completely caught up in it- ugh! The good news is, we can always try to do better.

  6. My Rangers are 2-0 on the Rays! Woohoo! We're going to the game tomorrow, where we might see them win their first playoff series ever!!! But we are similar to Phillies fans in our fear of jinxing the good, so no more talking about it.

    I'm glad you were eventually reassured. I sometimes have to step away from the world too. I think that is a good thing for all of us to do.

  7. GeeGee11:43 AM

    Phillies Phever around here! And, for Nicole...go Texas Rangers and go Cliff Lee. We Phillies fans were very upset when they traded him away. We LOVED him and had him for such a short time! They also traded away a fabulous pitcher in J.A.Happ to Houston! I wanted him for a son-in-law! (I wanted to fix him up with Aimee's sister)
    I don't undrstand why the front office does what they do...I hope someday we get them back!!

    But, I must say I am pleased with "Roybot"Halladay..not so much love for "little Roy"Oswalt...and pretty boy Cole Hamel is doing OK this year, so we'll see what happens next!
    I can't help it, I love baseball. I like college football, but I no longer enjoy pro football. I think the teams are comprised of men with weak characters, bad behavior, just kind of whiney and pampered...(Of course we have that in baseball as well...i.e. Yankees) but I think the reason I am so happy with the Phillies right now is that I genuinely like the guys...great personalities and work ethic...

  8. Mom, you just love Chooch. It's okay, we all do.


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