Friday, July 09, 2010

Quick Takes, at Long Last

It has been a long time since I've done Quick Takes Friday.

I haven't combed my archives for the exact date, like any decent blogger would do, but I am quite sure I was pregnant, so that means it's been at least three and a half months.

In other news, did you know that I have a three and a half month old baby? Probably not, because I never talk about her or anything. It's a shame really.

Anyhoo . . . here we go with the Quick Takes!


The blistering weather continues unabated. It was only 90 degrees here yesterday, and I found myself thinking how refreshing it was.

The children seem to be unaffected by the heat, and of course they still want to go out and play. Because they are insane.

They are also the whitest kids you will ever meet. Bun is practically transparent.

They have scored big in the pasty white gene pool, inheriting a nice combination of their father's delicate Scottish skin and my soft white German skin.

Although, now that I think about it, my Scottish mother-in-law and my German father tan very nicely . . .

Well, whatever. All I know is that I need to spend a small fortune in sunscreen every other week to coat four lily white kids. I'd save a lot of money if they would just lay around watching television all day like the good American kids they are.

Kidding, kidding. I'd let them get up to have some chips or something.


Sometimes, you get what you pay for:

This is delicious sweet corn from the local farmer. It doesn't really cost that much more than the grocery store, but it's the extra trip to the farm stand that does me in because I always have all the kids with me. No matter how good the corn is, sometimes it's just not worth unloading the five ring traveling circus.

And then there are times when you totally get what you don't pay for:

This beautiful hydrangea came from my mother, who took a clipping from her enormous bush and stuck it in our side garden. It is blooming like it's going out of style. My mother's hydrangea came from her friend who bought it on clearance at a big box store.

You just never know about these things. At least, I don't, which is why lots of my plants die.

(But luckily for the hydrangea, my mother is the one who planted it. She gave it her magic garden touch.)


Thank you for all the comments and suggestions about teaching Francie to cook. That post even drew out a comment from my dad (Pop-Pop)!

You all have some very good, practical ideas, and I can honestly say that a small part of me might even be feeling a little excited about starting up with Francie.

In fact, if I can get myself organized enough, I might try to do feature posts about what Francie is doing in the kitchen. I'd like to say I'll do it weekly, but I'll be realistic. If it happens at all, it will be monthly.

Maybe I'll get her started in time for the church picnic this weekend. I could sure the extra hands.


Speaking of that baby I never mention . . .

It's such a shame that she's not a happier baby. She only smiles with her whole head.


This is not a compensated review, but I love Sally Hansen Just Feet Cracked Heel Repair Creme.

I don't have cracked heels, but I do get rough, calloused heels in the summer from going barefoot so often. I put this creme on morning and evening and it keeps my feet nice and soft.

I've tried lots of expensive foot balms, but this one works the best and I can find it in any drugstore. It has become a summer must-have around here.


Francie's birthday is next week, and our family tradition of baking a cake requested by the birthday child goes out the window with her. Francie does not eat cake or pie. Not one single kind.

I'm pretty sure it's some kind of defect on the mitochondrial level.

But she will eat ice cream sandwiches, so we are making this ice cream sandwich cake for her. This recipe is GENIUS, and it's just about all the cooking I can handle in this heat.

That's it for me, my friends. Rob is on his way home and it's time to start the weekend! Stay cool and visit Jen for more Quick Takes.


  1. the baby smile = so precious

  2. That ice cream sandwich cake is SO delicious. Maybe I'll get my kids to make it for MY birthday! Happy birthday, Francie!

    Love that super-cute baby smile :) and LOL about Bun being "practically transparent."

    My half-Polish, half-Irish kids tan like mad. They didn't get it from me (the Irish half).

  3. Good to be back- Your style of writing is so very entertaining to me! I picked a good day to come back to- quick takes and a peek or two at previous posts. Francie cooking- woo hoo!!!!

    My parents were just up for a visit and it was seriously HOT here- even reaching 90s (unheard of!). We don't have air conditioning- most Vermonters don't- so my folks had to suffer a bit with just fans. I kept saying- hey it could be worse, if you were in Pa right now, you'd have humidity too!! They didn't appreciate my point ;)

  4. Love your happy baby!

    So sorry y'all have been dealing with the heat. It is miserable, I know. Hopefully you won't have to deal with it for too long. My kids are pretty wimpy and don't play outside for very long once it hits 95 or so. And yes on the sunscreen!

  5. What a sweet baby! I am jealus of your hydrangeas. My beautiful plants are all burned up from the heat. They look like they have been french fried.


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