Friday, July 16, 2010


Dear Francie,

We've been having some rough times lately, you and I. If I listen to all the wagging tongues out there, then I'd be tempted to believe that it will only get worse. You will be surly and I will be surly and we will churlishly stumble our way through these years together.

I don't know what will come to pass, but there here's what I do know. I love you with every good and pure thing that is in my heart of hearts. You formed that heart eleven years ago today.

You are superior to everything that I ever thought about in a child of mine.

You have a wonderful brain: agile, inquisitive, expansive. You have a love of learning that will serve you well in your life, but it will also make life constantly fresh and joyful. Never lose that.

You are sensitive: soft-hearted and empathetic. I know you are so often hurt these days. A look, a snub, a careless laugh, you take them all to heart. I also know that you wish you weren't this way, but don't wish it away. It is one of your greatest strengths. No one could ever accuse you of being unfeeling.

You are wonderfully creative. You dream big. And I know you think I don't appreciate your grand plans, but I do. I love you for them.

You have become an excellent big sister. I know how hard it is to be around the little children all the time because I am a big sister too. I had the same job in my family. I know that you miss your privacy sometimes, I know that you resent having to entertain them or keep them happy.
I also know this: they think you hung the moon.

I know these days can be tough. It seems like I am always busy with babies, with no time left for grown girls like you. But my thoughts are always with you. Hang in there, my girl, because baby days are fleeting and you and I will find our way back to each other.

So on this day, your eleventh birthday, I want you to close your eyes, and then feel me whisper, whisper in your ears all the love I have in my heart. Every tiny, shimmering, lovely thing I have dreamed about you will come pouring out.
You are so dear to me, my first girl. My very first.


  1. Your oldest. She will always want what you want, at least in her heart. Sigh.

    Happy Birthday, Francie.

  2. She's so beautiful. Happy birthday to her. Also, I think my almost 9 yo is going through some of the same things.

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Beautiful pics and beautiful thoughts!
    Happy Birthday Francie!
    Mirabella family

  4. happy bday Francie!!!

    did you tear up a little when you read this? cuz I did too :)

  5. Awwwww..u made me cry. I hope she reads this. so sweet. Happy birthday Francie! I love the lucid her with the horse, her big smile!

  6. Beautiful! Your letter, AND your daughter. Hope she had a beautiful birthday.


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