Friday, May 07, 2010

A Happy List

Where has this week gone? Time just slip-slides away from me these days, my friends.

I'm in a wonky mood -- not grumpy, not completely loopy, just a little out of it. I'm choosing to blame sleep deprivation and my allergy medicine.

I have just enough energy to make a list of things that are getting me through the spring, so here goes:


A Carter's store opened in a local shopping plaza, and this week was the first time I've gotten to check it out. Our Mopsy is a hearty girl, a condition which necessitates feeding and shopping.

Mopsy couldn't have picked a better time for a growth spurt, because the store was having its $5-$7-$9 sale. Cute, long-wearing outfits for $5? YES, PLEASE!


This week, I received my copy of Small Steps for Catholic Moms by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss. Verdict? Love it!

If you visit the Faith and Family website, then you are probably already familiar with the work of both Danielle and Elizabeth. They work hard to help mothers grow their faith, and this book is the fruit of that work.

It is a 365-day devotional, and each day is set in a Think-Pray-Act format. "Think" is a scripture verse or quote from a saint; "Pray" is a short prayer based on the meditation; and "Act" is a simple direction that flows from both the Think and Pray section. It's easy, but it's powerful.

(disclaimer: This was in no way a paid endorsement. I bought the book for myself and I'm sure the authors have no idea who I am.)


Barbara's food blog, Bless Us O Lord, has saved my rear lately with the recipe for Skillet Spaghetti. It's easy, delicious, economical, and we've been eating it. A LOT.

Thanks, Barbara!


While skillet spaghetti is saving my rear at dinner, The Ergo Baby Carrier is saving my sanity for the rest of the day.

Mopsy is a fantastic baby . . . who likes to be held ALL THE TIME. I am not even kidding one little bit. If ever a child was designed for baby-wearing, she is the one. If I had a pocket, she'd be tucked in there.

If Mopsy was my only child, I'd be tempted to lay around with her on my chest until we both became a permanent part of the sofa. Sadly for Mopsy, I have a house full of people who expect things from me like food and assistance and cuddling and stuff.

I know it looks a little industrial in the picture, but this thing is completely comfortable. I've tried all kinds of other carriers - slings, wraps, front-pack carriers - and none of them were as comfortable for me as the Ergo. I think it's the support strap on the lower back that makes all the difference.

You can wear the baby on your front, hip, or back, depending on the age of the baby, and Mopsy's favorite spot is to be tucked sideways across my chest.

Again, this is not a paid endorsement and I have received nothing from Ergo Baby Carriers for this review. I just really like it and it has allowed me to keep Mopsy happy while feeding the rest of the gang. Score!


My grandmother and my mom really made my day this week.

They came to visit on Rob's long work day, and they helped me during that awful pre-dinner breakdown time. (Your kids lose their minds between 4 and 7 pm, right? Tell me we're not the only ones.)

Mom took some of the kids outside and put them to work in the garden, while Granny held Mopsy and told stories to whoever was left inside. This left my hands free to make dinner, which seems so small but is really HUGE.

Besides just leaving my hands free, Granny also helped my perspective. It was so heartening to hear how she managed, having eight children in ten years (!!!!!!). When Fiver told her he liked spaghetti and meatballs, she told him how she fed her family spaghetti every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

And I stopped kicking myself for making spaghetti once a week instead of trying new recipes.
New recipes are overrated when you are in survival mode.

And when the girls came running in the back door with their fists full of creamy white azalea blossoms they had broken off the bushes, and I lost Mother of the Year when I snapped "What are you girls DOING with those?!," Granny was there to say,

"They LOVE you, Mommy. They are bringing you flowers, Mommy."

This is exactly why we need to keep our elders around us. They save us from ourselves. What a pity for us as a society that we don't cherish them.


I double-dog dare you to look at this picture and not smile. Pretty hard, right?

Babies are totally making my spring -- my own girl and a host of other newly-sprung or in-the-works babies. They're just so cool.

Happy weekend, my friends, and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Love baby carriers. Love them. When my third son was wee, it got to the point where he would close his eyes in complete relaxation at the moment when his little body slid into the carrier. Pavlov's dog, he was!

    (And I so agree about grandmas -- we need their wisdom all the time.)

  2. You are a great mom! Your Mopsy is so cute! What a beautiful smile she has!


  3. Thanks for your kind words:-)
    And the Ergo? Worth its weight in gold!

  4. What a lovely review! Thank you for your kind words!
    If you are interested in receiving a small token of our appreciation, email me at

    In any case, thank you for your support. It means everything to us!


  5. Babies are cool :)!!!

    How lucky you are to have Granny in your life to offer perspective, help and love. You're even luckier that you realize you are blessed. And so you know- we have dinnertime breakdown around here quite a bit and I only have one!!!!! (usually I can bribe him back into sanity with a healthy snack though- shhh ;))

    Mopsey is scrumptious and I'm sure was the cherry on top to your Mother's Day celebrations!!!

  6. GeeGee10:16 AM

    Happy Mother's Day to old moms, young moms,expectant moms,mom wanna-be's...all those women who have said "yes" to a challenging and fulfilling vocation. May we always be mindful of the gift with which the Lord has blessed us!

    I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be with my grandchildren every week...They bring such joy into my heart and I am much more laid-back with them than I was with my children (sorry, guys). I wasn't a "fun" mom--always busy with the daily needs of managing a household and working outside the home as well. I didn't make much time to play. Now, I PLAY and let the kids get dirty and make a mess. I don't get so upset about stuff. We clean everything up, since that's all I have to do after playing.(YOu see, I don't have to worry about the laundry, supper, homework,etc. I leave that to mom.) It's much easier being grandmom...

    And for Granny( MY mother)...well, let's say that the great-grandchildren bring her to life again! THey adore her, and love to listen to her stories and songs. Aimee is right: we need to learn to cherish our elders and benefit from their years and wisdom...all together as family, one generation with the next, and the next...

  7. We haven't tried the skillet spaghetti, since Little Brother is in an anti-tomato-sauce phase. First time for any of my kids and I am mystified.
    But the skillet stroganoff, OMG is it good! And easy too!

    Mopsy is ADORABLE!


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