Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Got Church?

Mopsy does. She became our newest little Catholic this past Sunday.

She was the only baby being baptized that afternoon, and it was lovely -- her own private sacrament reception. Except for her hordes of family, of course. No baby is an island around these parts.

I can still catch the faint scent of chrism on her head so I have been sniffing her compulsively until it wears away. Sally, on the other hand, asked me, "Mama, why does her head STINK?!"

Chrism is an acquired scent, I guess.

All stinky heads aside, it was an excellent day. Welcome to our church family, Mopsy.

Showing off her little Blessed Mother bracelet -- thanks, Aunt Cass!

Decked out in all her baptismal bling

Getting blessed by Monsignor

Fiver got in on the blessing action, too.

He thinks she is the best thing EVER.

Our first picture as a family of seven. After eleventy thousand takes, not too shabby!

With the godparents, Uncle Jay and Aunt Julia

Rob's family . . .

My family . . .

Guess which part Bun liked best? I'll give you a hint, it starts with C and ends with A-K-E.


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  2. Welcome to the Faith Mopsey! I get overcome at Baptisms (especially Bear's- Whoa Nelly!). The wonderful intensity of it all and the welcoming into God's family- I'm always just so moved by it all.

  3. I deleted my first comment when I realized I used Mopsy's name.

    Welcome to the family Mopsy! :) She is just beautiful, like the rest of the family.

  4. Congrats and God Bless to all!! Great pics!!!

  5. God Bless Mopsy! What a beautiful occasion. Congratulations!

  6. I'm sorry we couldn't come. Welcome to the club, Mopsy!

    And I didn't even recognize Jay and Juju! Wow!

  7. So sweet! Congrats to our newest little Catholic. Your family is just so lovely :)
    My oldest makes his first communion this Saturday so the house is all a buzz right now (and 30 people will be here to help him celebrate... OY!).

  8. Hello, i just found you. your family is exquisite! your mopsy a doll, and your other FOUR just little darlings. I've read a couple of your posts and have been chuckling or laughing out loud. love the description of your homefront corporation, and the committee's your kiddos are in charge of (that was an out-loud laugh)and your post from "the Boss" was great. love her little expression! oh what a blessed family you all are! We are a much smaller family (one child) -- alas we started later in life, and we are blessed to the brim with God's plan for our family. nice to meet you. look forward to reading more.

  9. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Mirabella Mom
    PS- I love the way Francie stands in these pics with her feet crossed just so.
    Great Family!

  10. Beautiful! What a wonderful day. Welcome to the faith, little Mopsy :) God bless you and your family.


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