Sunday, March 28, 2010

The BIG Four-Oh

Weeks, that is.

I am nigh unto bursting, my friends, and I am now officially overdue. Not a shocker, given my past history, but still caught in that any-minute-now anticipatory stage.

But, this is good news for all you baby pool folks who claimed post due-date birthdays for the wee bairn, right?!

Here are the last few belly pictures . . .

Sally is actually standing about ten feet away from me and she is still able to rest her head on her brother or sister.

I actually smiled for this one, even though it looks more like a grimace. Almost every facial expression comes out like a grimace these days. I wonder why.

Here I just gave up on the face shot altogether, but boy you cannot miss that belly.

ANY time now, baby . . . seriously . . .


  1. You look terrific!

  2. Belly? What belly? All I see is that gorgeous hair.

  3. That's an awesome baby belly!! You're lucky....pregnancy definitely agrees with you. I think my guess is still in the running. Don't wait too long though...we have a walk to do. :-)

  4. You can still reach the keyboard when you sit down at the computer. That's something! Keep smiling. :-)

  5. Enjoy the baby moving in your belly!! It will be soon...maybe Easter!

  6. So glad I peeked! You look so cute... I'm at 30 weeks with #5... and starting to feel that discomfort. You're so close to the reward! I wish you much luck and a healthy, smooth delivery.

  7. Good luck and enjoy those last few days of pregnancy. Oh how I love the whole experience and most of all the birth and getting to know your new little one!!! :)

  8. Anonymous6:12 AM

    You do look great and I will offer up some St. Gerard prayers on your behalf.
    Best of Luck!
    Mirabella Mom

  9. ooh how I adore your belly! Any day now, any day now, right?!! I am praying that you have much patience over these next few days ;)

  10. I was thinking the same as one above- your hair is gorgeous!! I am envious as I am enjoying the post-pregnancy shed.
    I hope you are still able to get some rest & sending prayers up for a healthy, happy delivery!

  11. You are beautiful, sweetie! Look at that gorgeous hair and think of the sweet little one that is coming very soon.


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