Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... January 25

Outside my window... It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I could be snoring . . . . but the kids always seem to want breakfast in the morning. Who got that idea started? Sheesh.

I am thinking: that I have some truly awesome friends. I went to my Rosary group on this dreary, dark morning and lo and behold, there was a cake! and balloons! and some lovely tiny baby things! waiting for me. By the time you get to baby #5, a party is just not something on your radar anymore. It's heartwarming to know that I have people in my life who are excited to welcome yet another wild kid of mine. Plus, what better place and context to say the Rosary? Thanks, ladies!

I am thankful for: all the common aches and pains of late pregnancy . . . as long as the baby keeps growing and thriving, I'll take whatever comes along

I am wearing: whatever fits these days . . . I am so sick of my limited wardrobe that I'd love to go buy new things, but my sensible side won't let me. (although I might have to sneak in a little something new for Easter . . . if I make it that long!)

I am going: nowhere fast these days. My time out of the house has become seriously curtailed, mostly due to my girth and the exhaustion involved in getting everyone into coats and car seats. I figure it's good practice for when the baby comes and I never leave the house again (at least not for a little while anyway).

I am currently reading: nothing, as I'm currently searching around for the next book for my book club. I did just finish a good book about Elizabeth of York, called "The Tudor Rose". She was Henry VIII's mother, and her life had more drama than a made-for-tv movie.

I am hoping: that this little squirmer turns head down before the big day. I know I have plenty of time and that it's not unusual for babies to still be head up at this stage . . . but have you met me? I don't need anything new over which to obsess.

I am hearing: the kids brushing their teeth before school . . . if by "brushing teeth" you mean arguing over the proper amount of toothpaste that one's mouth needs to be considered clean.

From the kitchen: I have some bananas that are so ripe they marched up to me and begged me to put them out of their misery and turn them into banana bread. I am also thinking a lot about potato leek soup -- I may just have to make a pot.

Around the house: Rob and I have started to dig around and find some of the baby things we'll need. A benefit to child #5 -- we already have the inventory of a Babies-R-Us in our storage room. It just needs to be pulled out and cleaned.

On my mind: Bun turns TWO in one week. Where is the time going?

Noticing that: Those old nesting feelings are really starting to kick in. I am also noticing that there are things that are still undone from my "nesting list" when I was pregnant with Bun. What are the chances I'll get them done this time around? Don't answer that.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I really need to get back onto my cleaning schedule. If I'm being honest, I would say that I abandoned my schedule way back in my first trimester when I was just struggling to stay upright thanks to nausea and exhaustion. But that schedule was just the thing I needed to make sure I stay on track and I need to start up -- before I have a newborn and need to jump ship again!

One of my favorite things: The new bread maker that I got for Christmas! I am enjoying it, but the only downside is that my family can go through a whole loaf in a meal and a half.

A picture thought I am sharing:

Francie and Rob relaxing after Thanksgiving dinner

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  1. lovely daybook-
    Hope that little bun turns around the right way!
    I just popped some bananas in my fridge to make something yummy with, too! They may be headed to the freezer soon, though.


  2. I really enjoyed your daybook - it made me smile.

  3. I love reading these. I may have to participate one day.
    The picture is really cute. Francie is becoming a young lady. No little girl any more:(
    Bun is going to be 2?!? No! How did that happen? Time just flies by. I just wish I could make it stand still for a little bit. My first born will be 8 in 2 weeks. Not sure how that happened. I still think of him as my sweet, colicky little new born:)

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Bun is not almost 2, is he?! Wow.

    Have you read The Help yet, Aimee? One of my favorite recent books. I also really enjoyed Still Alice. Haunting. Left me thinking for days and days (and that's really saying something).

    Hope you are getting some sleep.

  5. sounds like a lovely day! Although I have bananas going crazy too, and I don't find them so lovely until they are baked up ;)

  6. Thanks so much for your blog comment. I didn't know you were expecting either. I'm a slacker blog reader lately. Congratulations to you, too! I feel the same about having enough baby stuff... just need to dust it off.


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