Monday, January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Late, as usual. I meant to do this much earlier today, but I was too busy eating all the chocolate Rob gave me for my birthday.

FOR TODAY... January 11

Outside my window... a cold but beautifully sunny day . . . still no snow on my actual birthday, even though that was my fervent prayer all though grade school.

I am thinking: I had a great birthday today. I am blessed with great family and friends!

I am thankful for: another year of life and my husband. I realize that I was thankful for Rob last week, too, but what can I say? The guy's a real peach. He took the day off of work just to help me with the daily grind. That's the best gift a girl could get.

I am wearing: maternity khakis, a striped purple shirt, and my favorite woolly socks

I am remembering: how achy I feel when I wake up fifty gajillion times during the night. The third trimester is not kind to my hips, but I'll live.

I am going: to eat a big old slice of ice cream cake. Delish!

I am currently reading: I'm in between books, but I have a couple Barnes and Noble gift cards burning a hole in my purse, so I have a feeling that I'll have something in my hot little hands shortly.

I am hoping: that we can find Francie's music theory book before we have to pay for a new one. Because you know as soon as we buy a new one, the old one will show up somewhere obvious. Like the dining room table.

I am hearing: the dishwasher chug-chug-chugging along.

From the kitchen: There was very little from my kitchen today. I got a reprieve on all the KP duty and I ended up only making a couple of steak sandwiches for Rob and myself. I did not prepare one thing for any of the kids, and it freed up hours of my day.

Around the house: Kids are in bed and all's quiet on the northern front.

On my mind: Bun will be 2 in just a few weeks, and I still call him "the baby." If you had told me, when I was first married, that I would be pregnant three times in under four years, I would have laughed my head off and told you to SHUT UP. Hearts change, thank God.

Noticing that: even though I have been pregnant four other times, I still have the same pregnancy-related worries as I did the first time around. In fact, if anything, I have MORE.

A few plans for the rest of the week: This is a pretty typical week, but the weekend will be fun. Rob's birthday is on Saturday, so he and I are going out on a date day. We are going to pick out new phones, buy him some new pants, and then hopefully eat at a tiny little restaurant that has no room for highchairs. On Sunday, my mom is cooking us dinner, so I'll have a whole weekend of no dinner prep. The birthday gifts just keep on comin'.

One of my favorite things: these days I am feeling very sentimental about my down comforter. I just can't bear to part with it on frigid mornings.

A picture thought I am sharing:
Me, 34 years (and 29 1/2 weeks)


  1. Happy Birthday, hope it was wonderful! Glad you got lots of chocolate! Sounds like you'll be having a lovely weekend!


  2. I would love a day with no food prep! Oh wait, I think I got that this past weekend when we went out of town for a wedding. So fleeting.

    Date day sounds like lots of fun. What kind of phone are you going to get?

    I have more pregnancy-related worries every time too. I figure I'm just more aware of all that can go wrong.

    Love the belly pic!

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Happy Birthday, Aimee. I'm so glad you are being treated grandly. What a beautiful belly! Carrying high? Is Cinco a cinca?

  4. GeeGee6:44 PM

    I remember it well....the night Daddy and I left for the hospital! It was frosty indeed. I had started contractions shortly after going to bed that night, and by 1:00 AM on Jan.11 I made my call to the doctor. Everything proceeded well after that...only 4 more hours of labor and some really good pushing and we had a most beautiful, raven headed, pink-cheeked little girl...perfectly clean and robust. Everyone ahhhh'd and Daddy exclaimed proudly "There's my Aimee". Happy birthday, my "loved one", you are even more beautiful than you were on that first Sunday of your neonate life...

  5. Love the pic! Say a prayer to St Anthony for the book, our last missing book was under the couch (He told me to look there). Have fun Saturday and Happy Birthday to Rob! Get a good texting plan and a "qwerty" keyboard! ;)

    I treasure our friendship, I am blessed to have you as a friend.

  6. I'm so late in reading, behind as always. Congratulations on the new baby!


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