Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Okay, so maybe we're not really in the bleak mid-winter yet, but we did get snow on snow on snow.

Actually, the snow was perfectly timed. I ran out with the girls on Saturday morning for a few last gifts, and then we hunkered down to clean and bake and wrap. Mission accomplished!

These last few days of Advent are starting to speed up, and I am more determined than ever not to speed up with them. I am forswearing the craziness this year.

The kids and I have been entranced by this Christmas carol lately:

Yo-Yo Ma + Alison Krauss = instant fave.

Take a deep breath, my friends. We're almost there.


  1. Very pretty! We have not got to enjoy any white stuff yet. Of course, we rarely do. Pat your back and congratulate yourself on taking things slow and easy this season. I have not been as successful and I am mad at myself for letting myself get frazzled. Next year WILL BE DIFFERENT!!!

  2. Gorgeous!

    So glad you could enjoy the forced housebound time. :)

  3. Hauntingly beautiful! I wish they would play that one on the radio!!

  4. Sue Schilling9:11 AM

    She has an angelic voice!

    Merry Christmas Eve, Aimee! I hope you and your gorgeous, sweet family have a wonderful Christmas together!


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