Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Picture Pages

I can't believe I am admitting this, but I think I have reached my limit of Halloween candy.

I also think that if I can escape this pregnancy without gestational diabetes it will be through no effort of my own. Go, go mighty pancreas!

We are battling some little viral cold thing that is going around, which is no big deal except for the desire to just lie around with a cup of hot tea all day. Sadly, that course of action does not produce very much in the way of clean laundry or hot meals. Drat.

Also? Our heater is having some kind of emotional breakdown. Just when it starts getting all frosty overnight. Double drat.

So instead of thinking about all that, I've decided to post the kids school pictures instead. Whee!

I think you can all spot a Lifetouch school portrait from a mile away (seriously, IS there any other school portrait company?), so don't go stealing these pictures for yourselves. Besides, I have about seventy two hundred of those annoying teeny tiny little pictures -- the wallet sized ones that are the size of my thumbnail. Call me and you can have one.

Fiver, with his classic, borderline-mad-scientist smile. You can't see it too much in this picture, but it's the eyes that do it.

Francie, who rarely shows her teeth when smiling, looking like she is about to bust a gut laughing. I love that.

Of course, there are no school pictures of Sally or Bun. In fact, they have never had any formal portraits taken.

You know what? They don't have any baby books either. The poor, poor wee lass and lad.

But they have a metric ton of Kit Kats at their beck and call. That's what I call a fair trade.


  1. Cute pics!! We have 5 buckets of candy and 2 kids...I need to take some to work and get it out of the house.

  2. total fair trade!

    oh, and those teeny tiny thumbnail sized pics? use them INSTEAD of a return address label. srsly.

  3. Oh, I feel so much better knowing that about Sally and Bun. Butterfly has also had no professional pictures taken, and the last time Monster did he was not even walking, I think. It was definitely before I was pregnant with Butterfly. They don't need baby books--we have blogs!

  4. Did I know you are pregnant?
    Am I an idiot?
    I am going to scroll through these posts until I find the announcement.Then, I am going to give you a heart-filled congratulations.
    Also, I ate 12 double stuff Oreos on Halloween.
    Yes, I did.

  5. The pix are GREAT! Got love a good school pic since I seem to have mounds of digital....and nothing printed. :-(

  6. I am so glad to know I am not the only momma who hasn't gotten professional pics of the little ones. I have good intentions, just not a lot of follow through! I totally think the chocolate is a worthy trade off!

  7. Cuties! Poor little homeschooled children get no school pics either. Poor, sad children. ;-)

  8. I left you an award on my blog

  9. Oh my goodness, they look so much older. Especially Francie. She looks like a young lady. Can I have been reading your blog for so long that the kids seem to have grown up over night?

    No candy overload with me. I've got the thighs to prove it.

  10. I have thought the same thing about Lifetouch. Talk about cornering the market. I've also wondered if I could make a few pennies if I took the pictures myself for our local school. I promtply kicked myself for the thought.

  11. Great pictures!

    My daughter seems to have that same viral thing. She is down for the count for the second day in a row, but nothing huge, no fever, etc. But if I sent her to school, she'd catch something worse!

  12. GeeGee12:10 PM

    My Fiver looks the same as his last school pic, only bigger!
    I must say that this is the first school pic of Francie that shows a little of her mother in her. She still looks like her Dad's family but there is a smidge of Mom in this year's look...they are growing up so fast! Love them all (even the faceless ones, poor dears)


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