Friday, October 02, 2009


Despite just telling you all that I am unable to keep my eyes open once the sun sets, I have been quite the social butterfly this week.

I have been out to choir practice (which I TOTALLY count as a social event), my first PA book club meeting, and tonight I have plans for dinner with some friends.

Going to all these places is fun, but it has shown me that I am feeling OLD these days. I used to think that age was strictly a state of mind, but now I'm thinking that sometimes it really is more of a physical stage of life. And my physical stage right now is creaky and ungainly . . . at best.

Plus, I just ordered one of those voluminous, floor length granny nightgowns from The Vermont Country Store. The larger I get this winter, the more I will begin to resemble the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but no matter, those things are insanely comfortable.

Now I just need to "set my hairs" (as they used to say where I grew up) at night and my image will be complete.


Speaking of my book club meeting, I had forgotten how much fun it can be to get together with friends to laugh and talk about weird characters and eat fatty foods and drink wine.

Okay, so I didn't drink the wine, which was a shame since the meeting was held at the home of a family that owns a very popular PA vineyard/winery. Especially when the hostess brought out a bottle of my very favorite wine EVER.


On the other hand, while I may not be able to drink lots of fabulous wine, I get to wear stretchy pants and I don't have to suck my gut in AT ALL.

Hello, you gorgeous appetizers all covered in bacon and other goodness, come to mama.


And since we are talking about food, now that most of my episodes of nausea are in the past, this is what I have been craving these days (this list is in no particular order and is in no way an exhaustive compendium of the whims of my hormones):

very tall glasses of COLD orange juice (but never after 10 am)
hot coffee with cream and no sugar (who AM I?)
Arby's Beef N' Cheddar sandwiches (I hadn't eaten at an Arby in YEARS. Again, who am I?)
pancakes with syrup and sausage
liverwurst sandwiches
Take Five candy bars
chocolate milk (homemade, light on the chocolate)
peanut butter and jelly on TOAST
raisin bread

Excuse me, I think I need a snack.


Sadly, I find I cannot eat anything with tomato sauce, especially after 6 pm. This has happened with each of my pregnancies, and my mom told me that my grandmother was the same way.

The same grandmother who bore eight children to a full blooded Italian man. God bless her wee heart.

Goodbye, spaghetti and meatball dinners. I'll see you in April.


No, my whole world does not revolve around food (although to look at me you might not be able to tell).

I have, in fact, become very burnt out on the whole menu planning/cooking part of my job. I have come to loathe the grocery store and I've even considered just letting Rob do it when he offers.

A control freak ready to relinquish control; that's how you know it's serious, my friends.

And I only have one really picky eater in the house to work around -- although, to be fair, she is THE PICKIEST EATER ALIVE. She only eats every third day or so and she only eats out of two food groups. I wish I was kidding, but she has always been this way.

Do any of you dedicated menu planners out there just get tired of trying to come up with good, balanced meals that most of the people in your family will eat most of the time? How do you get over the hump?


This is not about food AT ALL. Hurrah.

We asked Sally if she thinks the new baby is a brother or a sister. She very seriously turned to us and said, "It's a SISTER."

Then we asked her what she thought a good name would be, and she said, "I'll name her 'Sally II'."

We asked her if she liked any other names, since Sally was already taken, and she said, "I don't like any other names. I like SALLY. She'll be Sally II."

Sorry, baby, but your sister has spoken.

Have a happy weekend, my friends, and be sure to check out more Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.


  1. Based on your food cravings, I guess boy.

    What will you call this baby as Bun is taken as well as Sally?!

  2. Hooray for the fifth! :) I didn't know. Congratulations.

  3. Loved reading this today. I also love the "show original post" option, since it means I can comment in order.

    1. What book are you reading? And choir practice is absolutely social.

    Also, Prairie Mama (blog) has an Etsy shop with some gorgeous vintage nightgowns for small ones and I am dreaming of buying them for my girls and taking pictures. Or paying someone to take pictures.

    2. Would you believe I have never been in a book club?

    3. For some reason I am clinging to vanity and trying to suck it in, and all that. But don't think I'll be able to much longer.

    4. The Take Five candy bar is heaven in a little orange package. After discovering them while in Chicago for godson's baptism when pregnant with Butterfly, I was on a mission to find them. I would buy as many packages as possible when I did find them.

    5. I could not eat spaghetti through first four pregnancies. Other pastas were fine, but not spaghetti with sauce. Happily not the case this time.


    7. The suggestions my kids gave for girl names were wide and far-ranging, but did not include their own names. Their classmates did feature heavily though.

    Have a good weekend Friend!

  4. <How do you get over the hump? >

    I like to eat, too.

  5. ROFL about "Sally II." Come to think of it, the little girl who lives behind me suggested the same to her mom when she was expecting her little sister. I believe, though, that she insisted that the baby would be called "Lily Junior."

  6. Did you buy a Lanz of Salsburg nightie?
    I used to live in those during my preppie years.
    Maybe I too, will make purchase so I can be in flannel glory this winter.

  7. This is a great post! I hear you on the counterpart to your Arby's is TACO BELL of all places...2 crunchy taco supremes. I also love oatmeal & chocolate milk. At the end of each pregnancy, I also go thru a weird ice-crunching of tonight, I have entered ice-crunching zone. Cosi has the best ice when you need to crunch. Keeping you in my thoughts for a healthy, happy pregnancy :)

  8. Pineapple was a staple with my first pregnancy. It was the only thing that I could keep down with any regularity at breakfast. Go figure.

    Sounds like you're having fun at least - and how wonderful to be pregnant over the holidays. That's some good timing right there.

  9. Your food list reminded me of the fact that almost every single morning during my pregnancy with Peter, I had two slices of toast covered in peanut butter and honey. YUM!

    Unfortunately Peter has a peanut allergy and I am convinced that it was because of all the peanut butter I ate. And at the time I had never heard to stay away from peanut butter if you were pregnant but now a lot of doctors are saying that.

    I'm sure a little here and there wouldn't hurt but I ate A LOT of it! Poor Peter!

  10. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Glad to hear you are enjoying some time out. As far as a food planning tip- when I get burnt out, I pick up one of those little betty crocker recipe booklets from the checkout aisle at the grocery store-they have some great ideas and most are quick and easy (a bonus, right?).
    Home you continue to feel well. Hi to all!
    Mirabella MOM


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