Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is Slow (this title has been brought to you by Fiver)

Well, I knew I could count on you all to give me some excellent (and amusing!) suggestions on Numero Cinco's blog identity.

I think, for the time being, that I will take Marguerite's advice and call the baby Tie-Breaker. For those who don't know, Marguerite is Rob's sister and the mother of our four adorable nieces and one adorable ruggedly handsome nephew.

Her suggestion of T-B (oh yeah I'm going there) is pretty funny as well as accurate: not only will this baby break the gender tie in our nuclear family, he or she will also break the grandbaby gender tie. Right now, my mother-in-law has six girl grandbabies and six boy grandbabies. And since my kids are the only grandkids on my side so far, this baby will also be a tie-breaker there.

After the wee bairn is born, I'll have to think of a suitable literary nickname. That gives me loads of time . . . which I'm sure I will use injudiciously. Some things will never change, my friends.

As for the big Finding Out question . . . that remains unresolved, although Rob and I are leaning heavily towards the NOT side. We've got two of each, we have plenty of stuff for each gender, no one will be sharing a room with the baby for a while (except for yours truly), so there really is no need for me to know. We are even pretty sure that we have names picked out which is practically unprecedented for us.

Besides, I have an insanely strong feeling that this baby is a girl and I want to see if my mother's intuition has held up through each pregnancy. I have correctly guessed the gender of each of my kids, which is amazing considering I am usually flat wrong with everyone else's baby. Part of me wants to see if I can hold on to my record.

I know there are folks who want us to KNOW and KNOW NOW, and I know there are folks who want us to NEVER PEEK, so I'm sure that no matter what we decide we'll be able to annoy someone with our decision. We are even those annoying people who don't really talk about the names we've chosen until the baby comes. It's a talent and an art, people.

And now, since I have been so lax about taking those pictures of the seasonal changes outside my window, I will treat you all to a series of spectacularly mediocre photographs. I made the kids go on a forced march took the kids on a nature walk around our local park yesterday, and it was so beautiful. And some of these trees are not even at peak season yet.

Have I mentioned that I love autumn?

This is our burning bush in the side garden.
Here is our beloved maple tucked behind the swing set.

A squinty Bun.

An exasperated Sally. She doesn't do papparazzi.

The colorful woods.

The mountain behind our house.

This is how you make a 19 month old tired: run him.

Don't these look like jewelry?

Maples turn the best colors.

Sally calls these "baby trees."

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.


  1. We were one of those annoying couples that wouldn't tell anyone the names we had chosen for our children. I just did not want to hear anyone's input. And once the baby is born they would never tell you they didn't like the name. However, if the baby isn't born yet, they will tell you about some horrible person they knew in fourth grade with the same name. I just didn't want to hear it.

    We did however have to know immediately what the sex was. Just to impatient to wait!

    Tie breaker sounds like a lovely blog name.

  2. Marguerite7:46 PM

    whoo-hoo-I finally won something:)

  3. Beautiful! While I love living in Texas, I do wish we had more trees that changed colors. What trees we do have don't really change. And in our particular area, we just don't have a lot of trees. Where I grew up is much more wooded, which of course I did not appreciate as a child.

    I have only ever guessed the gender of one child correctly. I don't have intuition. With Butterfly, I was really hoping for a girl, but didn't want to get too attached so assumed I was having a boy. When the doctor told me she was a girl I said "really?" because I was so sure I wouldn't get a girl. I'm silly.


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