Thursday, September 10, 2009

Running Man

At last night's cross country practice, the coach shared everyone's times from the meet on Sunday and then tabulated what kind of improvement the kids have seen from last year.

Fiver finished his race in five minutes and four seconds. I don't think I can get anything done in five minutes and four seconds.

As impressed as we were with his time, we were not expecting what came next. Fiver's time on Sunday is ONE AND A HALF MINUTES FASTER THAN HIS FASTEST TIME last year.

We were kind of blown away by that. We knew he had gotten stronger, but it's pretty amazing to see it laid out in number form.

Time may not heal everything, but it sure does fix an awful lot.


  1. YAY! You'll have to let JB and I know when his meets are... hopefully we can get to one this year.

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Good for him and all of you- that's good for us to remember too!
    Mirabella MOM

  3. GeeGee and Pop8:55 AM

    He grew a lot this past year in many ways. Keep him physically active so he can continue to build muscle, strength, and stamina. He is such a positive child and you have taught him well. He has developed perseverance, which is no small feat for a 7 year old boy with SPD!! He is also learning to deal with disappointment very well. We believe that is a direct result of great parenting. You and Rob are firm, consistent, patient,and gentle with Fiver (and all the children)You are building great character in your children. Fiver will continue to grow well...we love you all...

  4. YEAH!!!!!!

    And I love you GeeGee!

  5. GeeGee10:17 AM

    And I love all the beautiful Giglios...another family with awesome parents...

  6. So awesome...isn't it so great to celebrate these achievements (and the effort behind them!). Great self-confidence builder too :)

  7. Good for him! Ya know, I kind of wish that at this time next year, someone could show me in a concrete way how far I have come...hopefully there will be improvement...Lord help us if there isn't!

  8. Yay, Fiver! Good for him :)

  9. Sometimes, taking a step back is so incredibly helpful. What a huge gain in a year. Imagine what this year will bring. : )

  10. WOW!!!! You go Fiver! Great "personal best!"


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