Friday, September 18, 2009

Return of the bad Haiku

I just made everyone cry by putting them down for a nap.

Except for Mama. Mama doesn't cry at naptime. Mama dances a little jig in the kitchen and then eats a little cheese danish.

Well, I've heard that some mamas do that.

At any rate, I'm feeling bad haiku-ish, and thanks to Laura, I have an outlet for that urge.

A Haiku on the Vagaries of A Pregnant Diet
Only hormones can
make me think liverwurst is
a good idea

For more bad haiku, go see Catholic Teacher Musings. For liverwurst sandwiches, feel free to drop by.

PS: and thank you all for the lovely well-wishes and happy thoughts about our little one on the way. We think you're all just swell.


  1. See here's the thing.
    I like liverwurst.
    That ....and scrapple.
    I know I'm disgusting.

  2. That was a good one. But old people, like me, like liverwurst too. Especially us Germans.

  3. I can honestly say that I've never had liverwurst. And as a committed vegetarian, I never will - unless faced with starvation on a desert island with only a supply of liverwurst to sustain me!

  4. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Funny, yet disgusting at the same time. That's some talent you have, girl!

  5. I have never had liverwurst and you can't make me try it!

    Inquiring minds want to know, what will your new baby be called on the blog? Have you thought of a nickname yet? (Because that's WAY more important than coming up with an actual name...after all, by the 5th kid, you can do that between contractions in the delivery room.)

  6. GeeGee7:54 AM

    Ahhhh, liverwurst! Every once in a while, I get a craving for it! As a child, we ate liverwurst and raw onion with mustard on rye. In my 20's and 30's, I discovered I like it with mayo, mustard, and American cheese on rye toast (hold the onions)...
    You may recall that the Bird ate liverwurst and cheese (hold the bread) every day for lunch from age 1 to 5. We couldn't get him to eat anything else. I don't think he has eaten it for the last 15 years. I guess he had his fill...

  7. Hey now, I like myself some liverwurst. On good white bread, toasted, then chilled, with lots of yellow mustard and good American cheese, sliced thin. Mmmm, I haven't had that in a while though.


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