Friday, July 17, 2009

Releasing Our Inner Rappers

** Originally published in February 2007

I saw this at As Many As We're Given and I couldn't resist.

I am especially pleased with the results, since my RapStar name is L'il Hott.

I like the "L'il" part the best since it implies that I'm petite, but, apparently, still Hott (and everyone knows that two "t"'s means I'm extra Hot!).

I couldn't help myself, and I plugged in Rob's name. I am married to Money Mix! Who knew?
(Apparently, the kids knew, because they are always asking him to buy stuff.)

And since I was already there, I had to see what our kids would be. HAD TO.

Older Girl is Sindee Rose, The Boy is Royal Joint, and Baby Girl is Chyna DeLite.

So there you have it - our RapStar Family. If this is something with which you might want to waste time, check it out here.

Hope your names are as off the chain as ours. Fo'shizzle.

Peace out,
L'il Hott

PS: Updated to add that Bun's name is T-Outlaw, which is so appropriate for his wild ways that we should just start calling him that in real life.


  1. Oh my Lord...if I use my nickname (Barb) and last name I get "Risque Ivory" but if I use my full first name and last I get "Mercedes Luv."
    It's a win either way, I guess???

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    ..not to be a downer, but if you put your name in 2-3 times, it gives you a new name each time...sorry, DKLoCh


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