Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Is Fun. Right?

Is it bad that I wish I could have a Seven Quick Takes kind of post every day?

I know that makes me sounds lazy and/or unoriginal, but here's the thing about my life: I have a constant list scrolling through my head at all times. And on most days, I have more than one list scrolling. I could easily generate a list-post every day.

To me, this is just normal and I suspect that it is the same for many other women. Were it possible to get some kind of recording of these lists, I think it would be equal parts amusing and horrifying. There is a reason why it is called an INTERIOR thought life.

At any rate, while I realize that my last post was also a list, I am trying to finish up some other desk-type projects this evening, so I offer you this little smattering of random HomeFront Corp. life:

I am an aunt again! Rob's sister and her husband are proud parents for the fifth time, and we are all jazzed. There's nothing like a new baby. Nothing.

I won't release any other details, since I haven't asked permission, but I will say that my mother-in-law now has an even dozen grandchildren, and that dozen is evenly split boys/girls.

So who's going to start working on Lucky Number Thirteen, huh? . . .

School starts in one month, and I am still living like June has just started. I have been enjoying the kids so much this summer. Not to imply that I don't enjoy them at other times, but this summer has really been swell.

My reluctance to face the dwindling summer days was temporarily assuaged by today's school supply shopping.

I pink puffy heart school supplies. Always have. Some addictions can never be truly broken.

Uniform shopping, on the other hand, I could do without.


I curse my Facebook friends for ever inviting me to play Bejeweled Blitz.

Not only am I REALLY BAD at it, I am now strangely drawn to it.

Plus, Fiver likes to watch over my shoulder, shaking his head, saying things like, "You missed another match, Mom."

Depressing coming from a six year old with motor delays.

I saw a commercial tonight for a motorized mascara brush. It sort of waggles back and forth, assuring excellent application.

Really? We need something MOVING that close to our eyes?

The more technology produces, the more I want to go live in a cave.

(And still I embrace technology for The Blogging. The irony is not lost on me.)

Rob and I have been having heavy discussions about all sorts of things lately: health care reform, the myths of over-population, how much should a government provide its citizenry, and so on.

They're good discussions, and maybe I'll have to expand a few of them to see what your thoughts are, but all in all, I still go to bed feeling like we should live in a cave.

I need to get my hands on the "Blogging Without Obligation" button that I have seen on a few of my old haunts.

I can tell that my priorities are a little out of whack when I start to feel a self-applied and false sense of alarm over not posting more often.

I have to let some things go, and one of them is not going to be these last few weeks of summer.

Even though you ladies (and men? are you out there men?) are pretty cool.

And lastly, I'd just like to say that if I could pop Sally in my mouth and eat her, I would. She's that delicious.

She followed Rob outside last night, and when he remarked on her lack of shoes, she told him,

Well, I've got my feet.

Amen, sister.


  1. I understand from some un-named brother of yours that you are should work on lucky number thirteen as Bun is well over a year old ;-)

  2. Lucky thirteen for you perhaps?!

    I want to hear thoughts about health care reform. As someone who recently filled out crazylong, nonsense applications to Medicare and Medicaid to become a provider, I can't imagine the gov't expanding their role in healthcare efficiently or wisely. What's in place is a mess. On the other hand, rising cost is out of control, and not being able to afford basic healthcare seems wrong. So complex me thinks.

    And I say lucky thirteen is all yours, baby. SWAK!

  3. Hmmm...number 13??? I would very happily move to the cave next door to yours, I have pretty well been looking for one for several months now, move in ready, of course! I do have that little obsession with the Amish, you know! Enjoy the last weeks of summer, they get faster every year!

  4. GeeGee11:31 AM

    You know how I love odd numbers. #13 and #5 aresounding good to me. I always wanted a #5 for me (us), but God knew better...

    My gal Sal- plain and simple: feet will do nicely,thank you. And, she told me on vacation:
    GeeGee: "Sally, do you want nail polish on your toenails"
    Sally: "No thank you, I have white"

  5. I am sooooooooooooo with you on the 7 Quick Takes thing.
    I could list "thoughts" everyday.
    I would love to not have to elaborate on them.
    And...let go of the blogging guilt.
    It's supposed to be fun.
    It's suppose to fulfill YOU.
    Let go.
    It feels so good.
    You can blog and not blog ANY TIME you want and don't want.
    Good huh?

  6. I hate shopping for uniforms, too. So much so that I haven't done it yet, and school starts on the 17th. We only need a PE uniform, but I'm sure they won't be in stock and then when we do get them (after school starts) the company will have sent the wrong size or the wrong logo, and then I will just go nuts. Did I mention I hate shopping for uniforms?

    I also love Bejeweled Blitz. I must confess that when I saw that you were playing, I thought fondly to myself, "There's ANOTHER game Aimee will beat me in", since I can't come near your scores in other games (Scramble, Wordpath, etc).

    I am so torn on the healthcare issue, and think it is one that needs to be discussed, but anytime anyone around me brings it up I want to stick my fingers in my ears and sing loudly. I feel your pain!

  7. Keep the list if that is what works for you. I don't even think I can come up with a list today. I have accepted that I am now a 3 times a week blogger, if that. I'm okay with it. And I feel the same way about Monster as you do about Sally.

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Regarding Universal Healthcare, a majority of my husband's family resides in Italy with universal healthcare and they said you get on waiting lists for surgeries and when the elderly get sick they just let them go. Seriously. It's not a joke. I can attest that this happened to my husband's own grandparents. Additionally, the doctors get paid a set amount/month so they have no incentive to work long hours or take on more clients b/c they get paid what they get paid. And for those who can't afford health insurance: the people i know complaining about what they pay on insurance are the same people buying lots of nice trinkets for their personal lives AND going on twice as many vacations as me AND expensive european or carribean vacations, too. Hello!?! And don't kid yourselves: we will pay for this universal healthcare by our taxes sky-rocketing! It is not going to be FREE! Also, let's not forget there is written in the bill mandatory elderly euthanasia counseling and forced abortions and all these rights are taken right out of your hands. That's my sayin' and I'm stickin' to it - tho i would be very interested in your dr. husband's thoughts...DKLoCh

  9. Hate, hate, hate the uniform shopping. I'm down to just shoes and socks. Did I mention that Big Brother's school requires $90 shoes? I DON'T HAVE $90 shoes, and I'm not a high-school boy with growing feet.

    I can't wait to go get my mitts on the school supplies, though. It's an addiction.


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