Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Actually, it was all in one day, but Francie finally got her long desired wish for short hair.

This child has beautiful hair -- Hair That Women Dream About kind of hair. Thick, glossy chestnut waves that cascade over her shoulder. When she was a baby, it hung in ringlets so thick and so large that strangers stopped to ask me if I had used hot rollers.

(No, definitely NOT hot rollers on my ONE YEAR OLD.)

And yet, with all that beautiful hair, she is supremely unsentimental about what happens to it.

She loathes the care involved with all that hair, and she has yet to reach a "girly stage" where she wants to do anything more with it than slap a headband in it. She's no Breck girl, that one.

She has been begging to be shorn for many months, and she figured that she would donate her hair since she had so much of it.

My mother came and took Francie to her salon, and she came home with a very cute bob and a bag full of two ten inch braids.

I think she wouldn't have batted an eyelash if she was faced with Jo March's situation.

In fact, now that I think about it, there may be a bankroll in that girl's follicular abundance.

Thank goodness her hair grows fast, because college don't come cheap.


  1. Very cute and grown up haircut! :)

  2. She's a beautiful girl either way -- but I sympathize with her liking the ease of the short hair! And what a wonderful thing to want to donate her beautiful locks. The bob is adorable.

  3. Way to go....the new do looks fabulous!

  4. Anonymous6:48 AM

    It looks so cute! Annaka just did the same thing about two weeks ago. Hair was to her butt and she decided she wanted it cut like a friend of hers which was about Francie's new length. We compromised on shoulder length for know (a "princess Mia" cut) until we were sure she could actually accept that we couldn't put the hair back if she changed her mind. As it was we had to go back twice becuase she wasn't sure when we got there the first time (thank God it was my mom doing it). Anyway, must be the summer of changing hair for these young ladies.
    Tell Francie, awesome do!
    Mirabella MOM

  5. She looks adorable!! I had similar hair when I was her age and I cut it too. I remember being tired of all the upkeep. She's a very pretty girl either way.

  6. So cute. She does have gorgeous hair.

  7. What a sweet, sweet girl you have!

  8. She looks so cute! I had trouble letting Una cut over a foot off from her hair, but she, too, loathed having to brush it and braid it morning and night! She likes it much better now (her cut is the same bob as Francie's). She donated it to Locks of Love.

  9. So! Very! Cute!

    and perfect for the beach ;)

  10. It looks so fashionable and sporty on her. Perfect for summer!

  11. She does have beautiful hair, but the short "do" is adorable and so much easier for her to handle! I LOVE "Little Women" and the reference to Jo, I think you are probably right!

  12. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I love the new look! DKLoCh


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