Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Guaranteed Smile

Whenever I feel a funk coming on, and I feel out of sorts and like I'm ready to quit blogging forever, I watch things like this:

How can you not love the awesome Fred and Ginger?

And why don't we dress like that anymore? Look at the Spin Factor on her dress! That style would be so much more flattering to me than my shorts and t-shirt.

And can you see Rob in spats? SPATS!

And Fred didn't just dance . . . he played some hot jazz piano, as well. This one is called "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket":

"I'm puttin' all my eggs in one basket, I'm bettin' everything I have on

I'm givin' all my love to one, baby. Heaven help me if my baby
don't come through."

Are you smiling yet? Thought so.


  1. I love, LOVE,this movie! I own it, and many more from Fred and Ginger, because I LOVE Fred and Ginger! You wonder where my sense of dressing up comes from, and it's part Ginger, part old Hollywood. I just love her costumes in those movies, they way they laid and moved, etc. Follow the Fleet is such a classic, as is Swing Time, or Shall We Dance, with its full Gershwin score, or Top Hat. Whenever I want to be transported to classic, wonderful old Hollywood, I pop in Fred and Ginger and enjoy!

  2. You and Rob should take some dance lessons! ;) We would all come to your recital!

  3. I love old movies! I wish we still dressed like that. I bet we'd be nicer to each other if we did. I think our manners went by the way of our clothing.
    Thanks for sharing :)


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