Thursday, May 14, 2009


1. I have emptied the clean dishes from the dishwasher before 2 pm every day this week. I know this must really sound like small potatoes, especially if you are reading this as a Dishwasher Challenged American, although I'm sure there is some kind of support group and possibly even some government bail out money available to you.

For me, emptying the dishwasher is like putting away folded clothes. It is a Sisyphean task, so I leave it and leave it, picking clean things out of the dishwasher as I go along, until I am finally forced to empty it completely to make room for the new dinner dishes.

Meanwhile, all the other dishes accumulate in the sink, so if someone drops by, you know where you'll find me: pulling a Flight of the Bumblebee at the dishwasher.

It's just a bad habit, and one that I'm trying to break, so this week I have emptied the dishwasher in the morning and filled it as I dirty more dishes. I still don't love the job, but I love the empty sink during the day.

Oh, and I timed myself, too. It only took me seven minutes to empty a packed dishwasher this morning -- and that is including the time it took me to drag Bun out of the dishwasher after he crawled in to chase down a ball he had thrown in there. The boy will crawl into my dishwasher, but he refuses to walk. Come on now!

Anyone else out there dislike this job?

2. I baked cookies with Francie this week as part of a math assignment on weights and measures. I did this cheerfully, even though I'm pretty sure that I showed her teacher my membership card for the I Don't Bake With My Children Club earlier this year.

I know that makes me sound like a meanie -- honestly, isn't that what stay-home mothers should do all day? Bake cookies, vacuum, and wear triple strands of pearls? Ahem. -- but I just like to get in the zone in the kitchen. I love to cook for the family, as long as I can get lost in my own little cooking world.

Plus, I've had some epic experiences with children and mixers and exploding flour. And I'm not that big a fan of kitchen clean-up. Please see above.

3. Yesterday, I loaded up my spray bottle with a little home-brewed vinegar cleaner, and I scrubbed down the outdoor furniture.

After removing approximately three pounds of pollen from each chair, I deemed the furniture to be ready for the season. Just in the nick of time, too. That evening, Rob and I lit the tiki torches on the deck and sat outside enjoying some beverages after the kiddies were in bed.

Good times.

What are your small successes this week?


  1. I am SO with you on number 1! I really need to get into the habit of putting them away first thing in the morning again. ;)

  2. We are soul sisters. I am just like you regarding the dishwasher and baking with my children. They beg to help and I shoo them away far too often. As for outdoor furniture, we have none that adults can sit on, but that is okay by me. The mosquitoes drive me indoors anyway.

  3. I'll have you know that I am a charter member of the I Don't Bake With My Children Club. I used to think it was because my children are males, but I've since seen mothers of girls join up, so that shot my theory all to heck.

    We have three "dishwashers". They work pretty good, but it is extemely difficult to get them to start and I haven't yet found anyone to repair that flaw in them!

    My only small success this week is that I dragged myself out of bed yesterday and willed the flu bug away from me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  4. um. I'm halfway thru cleaning the bathroom. And I hate folding laundry. I can handle the dishwasher, but not the laundry.

  5. I thought stay at home mothers ate bon-bons all day? The baked goods just naturally appeared....

    My small success for the week is getting myself to bed before midnight. Most nights!

  6. I could have written #1, if I wrote even remotely as well as you do. In the morning Bella knows to wait for instructions on whether to get a clean bowl from the shelf or to get one out of the dishwasher. And Bubba climbs in the dishwasher CONSTANTLY. I threaten to leave him in there and run it, saving water and time, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do it. :)

    I have washed many a toy that I didn't notice him sneaking in there. Hot wheels are his favorites to run through the dishwasher. His other favorite thing to do is run to the open dishwasher, push the door up (making whatever racks that are pulled out slam inside in very loud manner) and slam it closed, and then run away again, usually cackling from the sheer glee of it all.

    I wouldn't call the dishwasher tackling a small sucess, I would call it a major victory. If I managed to do what you have done, I would probably throw a party. Oh, but then I would have to clean up afterwards...nevermind.

  7. I need to start paying more attention to all the small successes I have each day. One for the week? Staying on top of the laundry!

  8. GeeGee9:58 AM

    When I was in your stage of life, I did not like baking with my children as you well know. But now, I have fond memories of chocolate chip cookies with Fiver and Francie, and scalloped potatoes with Sally. And, I must admit, I loved every messy minute with them...

  9. I'm dishwasher challenged. I love it when I empty it in the AM, but I never seem to get to it until the PM. Go figure....
    My outdoor furniture needs sanded and painted. Wanna help?? Yea, me either....

  10. I have issues with the "putting away" of any task...
    I don't mind grocery shopping, but I HATE putting them away.
    I don't mind doing laundry THAT much, but I HATE folding and putting away.
    I don't mind loading the dishwasher but I HATE putting the dishes away.
    So you are in company. ( I was going to say "good company" but I didn't want to call myself "good company.)


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