Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way Back When-esday

Looking into the kitchen. See that counter there? Everything seems to spill over the side and onto the carpet below. Dang all that gravity.

The breakfast nook -- where I NEVER EVER let my children eat. Food + light carpet = bad cleaning mojo for mommy.

Rob, slain by the Herculean tasks of moving a piano and other heavy furniture out of the room.

No furniture really opens up the room, don't you think?

This week, I'm headed all the way back to . . .

last night.

Not a long trip, I know, but these are the farewell pictures of our old family room carpet.

Actually, the kids named it the Reading Room, since we didn't have a television in there for years, and we had to resort to reading for entertainment.

It's positively medieval around here.

The carpet served us well, but when we knew it was the death knell when the subfloor started peeking back at us from various spots. A second death knell sounded when I finally admitted that no amount of shampooing and deep cleaning was goign to erase the abuse of eleven years of heavy foot traffic.

From afar, the carpet still looks pretty good in these pictures, but just trust me on this one. Ragged is the word I'm thinking of. Bill and Jim are replacing it with oak hard wood, in the Jamestown stain, as I type.

It's looking pretty good, and I can hardly wait to beg Rob move all the furniture back in tonight. Thank you tax refund.

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