Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tell Me Again How We Got in This Mess?

I just saw an ad for a stroller -- you know, those things with wheels so you can push your baby around -- that costs $629.


And it was reduced from $760. Reduced. Heh.

The manufacturer said that they hoped the ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLAR price cut
would put the stroller more in line with their competitors and therefore more palatable to buyers.

Forget the $629, the stroller we got when Francie was a baby was less than the $130 price cut itself.

I understand that they are touting this as a top of the line stroller, a luxury item, but I can't stomach it. Even if you are zealous about using a stroller, how much time can your baby really spend in it?

Unless that stroller is lined with silk (organic, natch!), has robotic arms that shoot out of the sides to change my child's diapers and open doors for me, has an on board GPS system, and can make me some coffee, I cannot see how a stroller could possibly be worth it.

And it's not even the most expensive one out there.

At that price, I better hope my kid would spend all of his time in the stroller because I wouldn't be able to afford a bed or a car seat.

For $629 dollars I could

  • feed my family for two months

  • make four car payments

  • pay all my utilities and my cell phone bill for two months

  • make two student loan payments

If I hear one more politician say they don't know how the economy got SO BAD, I'll lose it. I'm not saying luxury strollers are the reason for the housing market collapse, but let's examine the mindset.

Oh man, I have got to breathe deeply and get a lid on my Giant Can of Snark.