Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's the Little Things


Okay, folksies -- that's what my eighth grade teacher used to call us, among other things. She would always say "Settle in, settle down, folksies." Man, I could do a whole post on Sister Cecelia.

But back to the bunny trail . . . I am participating in Small Successes this week because if I had to list the Big Successes I could just write the word FLOP and hit "publish". Seriously, it's been the baby steps getting me through this week.

I'm telling you, the Febs are deadly to productivity around here. I am filled with torpor and lassitude. (I love the word torpor. I should use it more often.)

My three small successes, in all their non-glory:


I have made a dinner every single night this week, without resorting to Rob picking something up on his way home from work, fast food, or cold cereal (which my weird kids don't eat anyway).

I know this doesn't sound like any great shakes, but when I am feeling tired and lazy, it is so tempting to let the cooking slide. I have stuck to my menu planning and it's working out beautifully.


I've also been on the treadmill every day this week. I don't know why I try to slink away from the treadmill, considering how energized and clear-headed I feel after I am done, but I do.

Except for this week.


I cleaned out the van, and I've kept it clutter-free all week. I'm almost tempted to call this a big success, and if you saw the state of my van's interior on most days, you might agree.

On any given day I'm toting around books, papers, trash, toys, approximately 37 pencils (all with broken points), a stray bottle or two, and enough pieces of clothing to outfit at least eight kids.

I think I've even gotten better gas mileage this week, thanks to the lack of three tons of family detritus.

For more small successes, clink the graphic above or visit Faith and Family Live.


  1. you're scaring me. i can HEAR sister in my head saying that. wow. you're right. she is an entire blog post someday...maybe on saint cecelia's feast day (Nov 22)? better put that one in your tickler file...

  2. Dude, you gotta slow down. You're making the rest of us look bad.

  3. All three of those things seem like big successes to me! Especially the clutter free van and the treadmill.

    Very impressive!

  4. I am impressed, my biggest success this week is probably that my children are still living, my husband is still my husband and I haven't moved to Australia!

  5. My van is a disaster! My oldest child likes to point out how messy it is, to which I reply that he and his brother are responsible for the mess!

  6. Okay, in my mind, those are all big successes. I have been struggling big-time with the menu planning and cooking. I'm tired of my recipes and I don't have any new ones. I'm tired of cooking and then preparing plates for little people and my food being cold. So I say you can count that one as huge.

    Every day on the treadmill? You are my hero.

    And a clean car is something I have heard exists, but have yet to see in real life. So you go.

  7. All of those things sound big, not small, to me. Especially the treadmill one.

  8. You are my hero! Ok, we have food allergies so cooking is a non issue, but a clean van. Hello? My SUV is a total pit. So bad that I was afraid to go through the drive through car wash (hand wash) & did not. My car is A PIT!!! I worked out a "few" days. I stopped counting so I can't tell you how many and most were on the Wii Fit and that's not really a "work out" so I'm lame.
    Keep up the good work, but stop showing me up, K'ay?


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