Monday, February 02, 2009

Birthday: the Photo Recap

I think Bun had a good time yesterday, but, in true first birthday fashion, I think the rest of us had even more fun. Bun just spent a lot of time being confused, but he got some fun toys out of the deal, so I guess he's made his peace with the confusion.

Plus, as soon as he was awake yesterday, Sally ran into his room and said, "Hello, Little Brother! It's your Happy Birthday!"

You can't beat that kind of wake-up call.

After we had cake and presents with my parents, Rob and I put all the tired kids to bed and sat down in front of the Super Bowl. Although Rob is a Giants fan, we rooted for the Steelers because they were the home state team.

I planned to fall asleep in the recliner directly, but did you see that game? There was no sleeping to be had. In fact, I may have even been on my feet in the fourth quarter, yelling "Holy cow! There is NO WAY he CAUGHT that!" at the television screen.

But there's no way to prove that.

Enough about football -- here are some pictures. I threw in a few taken by Francie, and truth be told, most of her pictures were cuter than mine. Of course, she also took pictures of the carpet, so maybe I'll hold onto the job of family photographer for a little while longer.

Happy Monday, my friends.

Good morning, Bun.

Oh hey, it's my birthday! What does that mean?

Early morning chat with Dad.

A birthday squeeze from Mom. (photo credit: Francie)

Bun being comforted by Pop, the other birthday boy. (photo credit: Francie)

Bun's new truck. (photo credit: Francie)

The cake. I added the birthday guys' ages together and wrote them in Roman numerals, in a nod to the Super Bowl. What I didn't realize was their ages in Roman numerals spelled "LIX". Nice.

Bun wasn't the only excited one around here.

"I'm just going to eat some of this paper, 'kay?"

"What? No paper eating? Drat."

"What am I eating?"

"What do you mean there's no more cake?! The travesty!"


  1. Love the pictures...and the roman numeral on the cake thing, cause that totally sounds like something I would do! Glad you had a great day. I must admit, Tigerfan was rooting for the underdog but said it was a great game. Honestly, I didn't even know the Superbowl was being played until Wed. and I actually got into an argument with my 8 year old about the Cardinals playing, I kept insisting it was a baseball team.

  2. Great pictures. I just cannot believe he is one and that Butterfly is a few weeks from being one.

    That was a great football game. I was kind of cheering for Arizona, and was a little bummed they lost. It just felt like a magical season for them and you get the feeling it might not happen again for them for a while. But oh well.

  3. It seems that he enjoyed his cake far more than Bubba did. It looks like a good time was had by all, and Francie is a pretty good photographer. That's great!

  4. Love the pictures - you know I'm totally going to jack them from you, right? Although, let me just state for the record, that you're blog is incorrect. Your siblings were also at your house to celebrate Bun and Pop's birthday, not just mom and dad! Anyway...super fun time! Hope my big Bun loves his toys!

  5. Fabulous pictures! I can't believe Bun is one?!? Wow!

  6. What a fun weekend for you guys! And that game - there was no sleeping, that's for sure.


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