Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shuffle Off to Buffalo. Or Wherever.

I saw this meme over at Many Little Blessings, and I thought it would be perfect for my vacation-addled brain.

Then I started doing it, and I realized that it has become a huge musical albatross. I am supposed to hit shuffle on my music player of choice, and then post the first couple lines (unless they reveal the song title) of the first 25 songs that play.

Then you, my dear friends, are supposed to name those tunes and artists, and then I am supposed to come back and strike through the correct responses.

Well, first I have to say that Rob and I have a lot of instrumental music on our iPods. I mean, A LOT. So I can't really write out the opening bars to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, can I?

Would you even want me to try? Didn't think so.

Also? I have a lot of kids music on my iPod. These kids are everywhere! I didn't want to be unfair to the lucky dogs people who are not aware of the entire genre of modern children's music so I started skipping the kid songs.

And then came the flat-out embarrassing, people-can-never-know-I-have-that-on-my-iPod songs. So much for the random-ness of the shuffle setting.

So I'm starting over, hitting shuffle and letting the songs fall where they may. And I'm not doing all 25, because I'll get carpal tunnel if I do all 25 on Rob's laptop.

Can you name some? Can you name one? If so, leave your answers (songs and artists) in the comments. If you're correct, you get a pat on the back and a cheese sandwich.

Actually, you'll get nothing but the satisfaction of knowing you got the song crossed off my list, but give it a try anyway, my friends.

1. Have a (title of song), it's the best time of the year. I don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of cheer. . .

2. Joseph's face was black as night, and the pale yellow moon shone in his eyes. His path was marked by the stars in the southern hemisphere . . .

3. Big wheels keep on turnin', carry me home to see my kin. Singin' songs about the Southland, I miss old 'Bama once again . . .

4. A lonely child, alone and wild, a cabinetmaker's son. His hands were meant for different work and his heart was known to none . . .

5. I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure. And I just can't wait for the day when you knock on my door. . .

6. I have traveled, many moonless nights. Cold and weary, with a babe inside. And I wonder what I've done . . .

7. He was born in the summer of his twenty-seventh year, comin' home to a place he'd never been before . . .

8. If you said goodbye to me tonight, there would still be music left to write. What else could I do? I'm so inspired by you . . .

9. I don't mind you comin' here, and wastin' all my time, 'cause when you're standin' oh so near, I kinda lose my mind . . .

10. In a hundred years from now, they will attempt to tell us how, the scientific means to bliss will supersede the human kiss . . .

11. You're a (title of song), and you've gone too far, 'cause you know it don't matter anyway. You can rely on your old man's money, you can rely on you're old man's money.

12. Wise men say, only fools rush in . . .

13. I hate to see you cry, lying there in that position. There's things you need to hear, so turn off your tears and listen . . .

14. God's given us years of happiness here, now we must part. And as the angels come and call for you, the pains of grief tug at my heart. . .

15. I come home in the morning light, my mother says "when you gonna live your life right?" . . .


  1. ooo! ooo! #2 is Paul Simon. Under African Skies. We always used to listen to that while cleaning the house.
    #6 is Amy Grant, Breath of Heaven. Love that song.
    Isn't #12 Fools rush in? hmmmmmm.

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I don't have time to answer fully as I will lose my sleep opportunity, but I just have to say... I love that You have Girls just wanna have fun on your ipod!!!!!!
    Happy New Year!
    Mirabella MOM
    Will also say- #12 Can't Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley (my mom would be so proud!)

  3. #1 is Holly Jolly Christmas
    #4 is Leader of the Band
    #5 is Walking on Sunshine
    #7 is Rocky Mountain High
    #9 is Just What I Needed
    #11 is Rich Girl

    You have a great playlist!!
    I'll have to try this one as soon as I can figure out how to SHUFFLE my mp3 (or "Fipod" as my sister calls it!)

  4. #1 Holly Jolly Christmas
    #12 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

    That's all I got!

  5. since some of these were already answered, I'm just giving you the ones i know that the other gals didn't come up with yet (it's late and I'm hoping that didn't sound as snotty as I'm afraid it did):
    3. Sweet Home Alabama
    8. The Longest Time
    15. Girls Just Wanna Have fun (which this meme was!)

  6. #3 is Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I realize that the commenter above me came up with it, but living as close to Alabama as I do, I think I would be breaking some sort of law if I didn't answer that one correctly. I used to work in Alabama, and people take their Skynyrd (and especially that song) very seriously. And can I also add that I appreciate your varied musical tastes? Sometimes I feel like the only person I know who can cross genres with such great leaps, but you seem to be right there with me on that one. Good for you!

  7. Some I got, some I'd need the music to help me, some I just don't know. You're a brave woman to have tackled this one.

  8. #13 - The Heart of Life, John Mayer
    #14 - Your Long Journey, Alison Krauss

    Both awesome songs, by great artists, on fantastic albums! You and Rob have some rocking taste in music! Love, The Juje

  9. Couldn't resist playing this!


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