Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratituesday: The Double Sickening

I have succumbed to, what my husband tells me, is called The Double Sickening.

Sounds ominous, no?

Basically, what I thought was yesterday's return to good health was all a sham because I have bronchitis.

Rob says that it can often go that way: you get a little sinus/head cold thing, and you start to feel better and you're thinking everything's groovy. Then the really nasty germs come back around like a boomerang to knock you on your keister, and before you know it, you're in the grip of The Double Sickening. duhn-duhn-DUHN!

So instead of boring you all with Day 307 on Emergency Ward 9, I will tell you those things for which I am very grateful:
  • Rob: We have our own family doctor, but sometimes it really comes in handy to consult him at three in the morning. Plus, he is very patient with my occasionally belligerent attitude towards taking lots of medicine. I am going to be a constant joy to him when we are old and in a home.
  • Antibiotics: Can I get an amen for the antibiotics? And can you throw in another one for albuterol inhalers? They make my lungs happy. And while I'm at it, thank the Lord that I live in an age (and a country) where it is possible for me to even have these medications.
  • Family: They are doing the lion's share of the work for the big feast.
  • Self-cleaning ovens: 'nuff said. Now they need to work on self-cleaning toilets.
  • My boy: Fiver is still sick, but he came to me today and told me that when he is big like his Dad, he will take care of me. And he will take me out and buy me a new red car. That's a deal, buddy.

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  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Guess that blog answers my question...

    I will give you an "Amen" for antibiotics--they were helping me last week. I will also give an "Amen" for Codeine--might be spelled wrong but the most important thing is that when I was coughing it let me sleep!

    Fiver is a sweetie.

    Buy some cases of Lysol! :)


  2. Self cleaning ovens get an AMEN from me....ovens can become pretty disgusting.

  3. Aww, Fiver is totally a keeper. Hope you ALL are feeling better soon and that you officially go sit down until you are Really All Better. Hate that false-sense-of-security-getting-better-thing.


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