Thursday, November 06, 2008

Forbearance Is A Virtue

Is this what his face will look like when it's his wife looking over his shoulder?


  1. This made me snort-laugh out loud. I make that same face when Honey tries to read the screen while I working on the computer. Poor Fiver!

  2. I would never have dared to go that close to any of my 3 brothers.
    They must have a good friendship.
    (His face is priceless.)

  3. it depends on the stage in the relationship. First two years, the look will be love and adoration, the next 10 or 15 this would be the look, in the end stages, it will just be a look of confusion trying to figure out who the heck is looking over his shoulder!

  4. GeeGee12:19 PM

    Fiver is very good with "little mama". She will always "supervise" him in a loving way. She is just a caretaker from the my sweet angels...

  5. Oh dear Heaven, that is ADORABLE! What an expression.
    (The Leapster overlook occurs in our house with he-child over she-child's shoulder!)

    Have a great weeekend!


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