Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Danger Mouse

After watching Bun come perilously close to taking a nasty header from the house into the garage, this exchange followed:

Me: Bun! No! Stop!

(some swiftly intervening Mommy rescue action)

Me: Aah! Why does he consistently find the most dangerous activity available? Shouldn't he be developing a sense of fear by now?

Rob: (laughing) No.

Me: Well when will he get one?

Rob: Around 35.


  1. Regarding children and fear..
    My father said he just prayed all the time for his kids safety and hoped it all would turn out all right.
    It did!!!

  2. Anonymous5:47 AM

    It is a fine line between not wanting them to be afraid all the time (I don't want anyone getting my fear of heights) and wanting them to be realistic about what will really hurt them.


  3. I think he's right. Sadly.

  4. Oh Aimee, we're kindred.

    One of Sarah's first spoken phrases was "Careful, You Two!"

    (She'd heard it quite a bit...)

  5. Bubba is afraid of nothing, either. He will climb anything, he will use anything he can get his hands on to pull up on, and for some odd reason he will lick anything. Electrical outlets, tile floors, glass windows and doors, you name it, his sister's dolls, the list goes on and on. Hopefully he will outgrow the licking before too much longer - that could make for some awkward school experiences.

    Bubba and Bun would be a fearsome duo, I think. Like Pinky and the Brain - "What are we going to do tonight, Bun?" "The same thing we do every night, Bubba - try to take over the world."

  6. My other kids have head a healthy dose of fear, but not Tigercub! Unless you give him a vacuum or a screaming monkey!

  7. GeeGee11:37 AM

    I remember a beautiful little girl who liked to hang out with her dad as he tinkered around the house. One Saturday morning, they went to the alley behind our apartment to to "something" with the truck (a "Spirit of '76" red pick-up). Daddy popped the toddler into the cab to keep her "safe" as he proceeded to do something with the front tire. Apparently she couldn't see what was going on so she opened the door and fell onto the street, cutting up her face in the process. Always her face!! The doctor's began to look at us with furrowed brows when we brought her every other week for facial contusions! She's OK now, though, so hopefully Bun will inherit his mother's luck....

  8. GeeGee11:39 AM

    Yikes! Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors!


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