Friday, September 12, 2008

Bits and Bobs

I don't look at my blog the way you look at my blog. Deep thought, no? Um, no. I mean that literally.

I get my comments through my email, and I spend all my allotted evening blog time on my Blogger dashboard, typing and deleting, typing and deleting, until I finally say, Crap! It's eleven o'clock so I better just hit "publish" and be done with it.

And here you thought that it took such time and skill to craft the posts to which you have become accustomed.
All that feverish typing and deleting leaves me little time for clicking through to check out my blog from the front, the way the rest of the web sees it. I should really make more time to do that because I took a gander at my sidebars and I've got some things to re-jigger.

(Is that a word? Re-jigger? I feel like it's a word, but if it's not a word, then it should be.)

(I just hit spell-check and the word re-jigger passed inspection, so I think it's a word. Feel free to use it as you wish.)
So while I'm puttering around and putting the blog house in order, I need to thank Laura from Catholic Teacher Musings. She gave me an award and I am the total ingrate who never said a word of thanks here. Can blog awards be revoked? Oh, I hope not because I heart them. Thank you, Laura.

She gave me this:

It's a gold card! Woo-hoo! And I get to give away five of these babies. I feel just like Howie Mandel on "Deal or No Deal". Except with way more hair.

Rules ('cause there are always rules):

You may choose 5 awardees

Choose 4 faithful readers of your blog.

1 should be someone new or someone far away

Here are my picks:

Amy from RC Mommy, because she was the one who urged me to start this blog, and Barb from SFO Mom, who was one of my first commenters (maybe the very first?) Thanks for being here from the beginning, Ladies!
Val from Nothing, Really, and Barbara, from Praying For Grace, because they always have something nice to say and it warms the cockles of my heart. Whatever they are.

And finally, One More Equals Four is relatively new to The HomeFront, and she is definitely far away.

Enjoy all the perks a Blogging Friends Gold Card can get you, but don't max out!

Moving right along in the Random Report, we have gratuitous boy child pictures.

Here is Bun in all his seven month glory. Doesn't he look enormous? That's because he is. He is pudgy and squishy and snackable, especially his chins. Rob has decreed that we should call him Thurston Jowl III.

This is what happens when you try to take an artsy photo of a mobile baby. You get mauled by Thurston Jowl III.

Here's Skeletor Fiver with his birthday cupcakes. I feed him. Honest.

Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here.

Gah. Just looked at the clock and it's eleven o'clock. You know what that means. Time to hit "publish," for better or for worse. Or for mediocre.


  1. Because I FOLLOW you I know that you posted just now....see? Creepy huh?
    Are those little Saudi cupcakes?
    Very international of you.
    Look I still have "awards" I'm supposed to give out too...from a month ago.
    Wiggle room for all- I hope.

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Great pics! My oldest also has the ribs showing--during a Dr appt he said look Dr I am a skeleton and sucked in his stomach so they really stuck out! The Dr looked at us as if to say "time to start feeding this one" I let him know that the boy is WELL fed and just never sits still!


  3. Thank you for the award :)

    Love the pictures, especially "Skeletor" (hey, my kids run X-country too, so I'm familiar with the physique) and that "Hello there" is just WAY too cute.

  4. You made the bowling pin cupcakes!!!!! was it difficult?

  5. Oh and i'm stupid. Thanks for the award!!!

  6. Your Fiver and my Buddy have a lot in common. Well, at least in the seemingly dangerously thin category. I swear mine has a hollow leg. Also, might not be related to me, because at a pizza buffett, he just wanted salad! Salad! With all that pizza available, he ate two plates of salad. Crazy kid.

  7. Just give some of the Miracle-Gro that Bun is hiding in his closet to Fiver and everything will even out in your house. ;)

    I just love the nickname Thurston Jowel III. When is Rob finally going to get around to having his own blog? Or at least guest posting on yours once a month? That would be a nice little break for his darling wife, doncha think?

    Not that I don't love you. Oh, great. Now you think I don't love your writing. Mfghffmmmh. Someone please come perform a footectomy from my mouth, er typing fingers.

  8. I have to tell you that was the first blogging award I have received and I was so excited. Nerdy, yes? Thank you!

    And as for those boys of yours - I thought Bubba was a big guy, but Bun could take him, far and away. And Fiver is a handsome guy, too. You have a beautiful family!

  9. Ohh! I am so excited to get an award! Thanks bunches! What a blessing, too because it has definitely been "one of those days" around here and I needed a reason to smile!

  10. GeeGee3:46 PM

    Love my boys!

  11. So awesome! I think Fiver looks like you. Not that I've seen your ribs or anything- I meant the smile. Your cupcakes put me to shame, though- I have brownie mix (the one step, easy kind) that's about to expire because I bake that often!!

  12. Love the pictures!! The baby is just too delish! And my brother looked like skeletor :) And my mom fed him too. As the "chubby kid" was jealous.

  13. Those cupcakes look very much like the shepherds in Veggie Tales' David and the Giant Pickle. So cute.

    And congrats on the bling!


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