Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing "New Babies"

I think I might start a weekly post that features all of the inane, weird, inappropriate, broken-down, non-toy toys with which my children are obsessed.
It should be great fun. That is, if you don't call children's services on me first.
This week I am proud to introduce you to the New Babies. They are part of Sally's tribe of baby dolls, but they hold the distinction of being the only set of sextuplets in the group.
New Babies, as Sally has affectionately named them, are very good babies. As you can see, they are only an inch long, but they need very little care. They live in an old jewelry box and each night Sally closes their lid when she puts them to bed.

If only it were that easy.
New Babies came to us over a year ago by way of my sister-in-law's baby shower, when they were rescued from a sad fate of performing as table decorations. Initially, Francie rescued about thirty, but today we can only find these six.

It makes me wonder where the other twenty-four went. Maybe some of them got adopted by Brangelina, who knows? If they are anything like my babies, they are somewhere in my bed.

I'm pretty sure these came from a factory in China, and they are clearly too small for a two year old's toy, but I think New Babies are here to stay. Especially since Sally likes to pack them up in their box and then stash them in her purse for quick trips around town.

As a busy mother myself, I can see the attraction.

Could I get a six pack to go, please?


  1. Anonymous6:12 AM

    My kids would do the same thing. In the girls' room I have two baby bear candles from my baby shower still in the clear foil bow wrap and when Emmalee remembers they are there, they need to come downstairs to play. Hey, at least new babies don't make any noise, right?
    Mirabella MOM

  2. These wouldn't last a day in my house! The giant toy vacuum that is our play room would eat them up and they would never be seen or heard from again!

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Yes! This would make a great weekly feature on The Mother Load. I wonder if it would make a good carnival?

    And those are so cute. Princess also got attached to toys too tiny for a two year old. But the peace and quiet was just too valuable. We made a simple rule. If I see it in your mouth it is mine and we never had any problems.

  4. Love your blog.
    Just discovered it!
    I know I'm a day late and I'm always a few bucks short. But I have a haiku that I penned also. I hope you like:

    Inefficient box of heat
    Ah, you are dying
    Are driers on sale at Sears?

  5. LOL! This is so funny, Aimee. We adopted a few of these at a baby shower ~ Gosh... at least a year ago, but they keep popping up. In pockets in the washing machine... In the silverware drawer... In the little circle crannies in our block buildings... In the little "cradle" underneath the toilet paper holder... (I think they're kinda cute, too ~ better than those good luck piggies you see!)

  6. It's funny the things kids get attached to. My oldest became attached to socks. My socks. And would carry them around the house and they became a security item.
    The babies are cuter than socks.


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