Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm So Excited. And I Just Can't Hide It.

Francie: Mom? When are we putting all of the new supplies in our pencil boxes? You said we might do it today.

Me (unnecessarily harsh, as usual): Francie! I told you we might do it today, but it might not pan out either. The baby has been cranky, your brother has cross country practice, and it might not happen until tomorrow!

Francie: It's okay, Mom. You know how I get just overexcited around this time in August with all the new supplies in the house and everything. It makes me want to get my backpack all ready. I just love getting ready for school.

We'll never need any kind of DNA testing in this house. She is so mine.


  1. Middle Sister, despite her insistence that she is not in a hurry to go back to school, is hard to keep out of the "supplies" as well.
    That apple doesn't fall too far from the tree either!

  2. New school supplies. New clothes. All makes for excitement and fun. Now it's just a matter of not letting the fun fade after the first day of school!

  3. That's very cute. That should be a commercial.

  4. I love that you admit that you're unnecessarily harsh. That's me 99% of the time and it's refreshing to know that I'm not alone.

    I'm with Francie - all the school stuff is a little too exciting.

  5. Apple this is your tree. Tree this is your apple.

    Can you imagine how excited she would get if you ordered some personalized pencils for her? Those were some of my favorites.

  6. Oh Girl, we dwell in the straddling and assumptions of the word "might" too!

    Happy School Supply Season!

  7. That is SO cute.


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