Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Better Homes and Gardens

After much tribulation, mostly in the form of sweaty kids and angry wasps, I am happy to say that the garden is finished.

We added our good, rock-free soil to our crapped out, bone dry, hey-are-you-living-atop-an-anthracite-mine?-rocky soil, and then I placed each plant container on top of the dirt so that Rob would know where to dig all the holes. We make an awesome team.

At some point during all of this placing and digging, we sent the children inside without us. Anyone with half a brain knows that doing so is a risky proposition, but we were desperate. They had planted a few flowers, played on the swings, they had pushed each other down the hill in a wagon, they had played Apache Raid in their fort, and they were exhausted. Which they chose to communicate to us by alternately running screaming from every flying insect in a ten foot radius and throwing their water bottles down on one another from the top of the fort.

You can tell that the garden is newly planted, mostly because the flowers are still alive, but also because it looks a little sparse. I know that the plants will fill in, provided they actually grow, but it still looks a little anticlimactic. Of course I do not have any pictures because the camera batteries are dead, so you'll have to take my word for it.
It looks a little bit like this:

Oh, I kid. We don't have that many tulips.


  1. (grin) Come make mine look like that!!

  2. WOW! All that with only 4 kids for the child labor. Impressive.

  3. GeeGee9:41 AM

    I planted a nice little veggie garden and to my horror, it was eaten last week ! JuJu saw a cottontail hopping around the evergreens, so I guess for the first time in 18 years, we have a Bunny! I am headed outside today for the second planting...I so love being in the dirt...always have...love you all, my angels...

  4. C'mon, girl...you live in Pa. the soil should be rich. You don't even need to throw down grass seed to have a gorgeous lawn.

  5. We have flowerbeds like that all over a city. I so wish mine would bloom like that! Good job!


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