Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Bun's baptism was a little more than a week ago, and, thanks to the attentiveness of Aunt C and Uncle T, we actually have pictures of the blessed event. At least now he will have something more than his name and birth date in his baby book.

Bun is wearing the baptismal gown that my godmother made for Francie. It has become a precious family heirloom since all of the children have worn it, and I have embroidered their initials and baptismal dates on the hem. (Gah! Okay, you caught me - I only have Francie's and Fiver's initials so far, but Sally and Bun will be added, so help me God. And He will need to, that's for sure!)

The pin on the front of the gown is called a Luckenbooth Brooch, and it's very special to me. The gift of a Luckenbooth Brooch is a Scottish tradition, and mine was given to me by my mother-in-law. It is traditionally given when a man and woman are engaged, and then pinned to their first baby's shawl or gown to thwart any fairies who wanted to steal the baby. (I don't know about any protection for subsequent children. Maybe they had to duke it out with the fairies.)

My mother-in-law is a firm believer in tradition and she knows all the old superstitions, as well.
  • It is from her that I learned never to put new shoes on the table (aren't they way cleaner than old shoes on the table?)
  • the tradition of First Footing (we make Francie do this one)
  • when eating a boiled egg, you must break the bottom of the shell when you are finished so fairies don't steal your luck (seriously, do the fairies have nothing better to do than hang around and commit larceny and kidnapping?)
  • never cross knives, it means you'll end up fighting with someone (if I'm crossing knives, you better believe there's trouble brewing)
  • in a similar vein, if you give someone a gift of knives or cutlery, you need to give them a coin or there will always be discord between you (a darn fine way to make a buck at Christmas)
  • if you hit your elbow against something, bump the other elbow and you'll get a surprise (surprise! now you have two throbbing elbows!)
  • if a black cat crosses your path that is good luck (because sometimes the Scottish just like to be contrary. Believe me, I have a whole lovable houseful of them)

When I agreed to marry Rob, and she gave me my Luckenbooth, my mother-in-law explained its significance and said that she hoped I would someday be able to pin it to my baby's gown. It is inscribed with the words: "Of earthly joys, thou art my choice."

The brooch was my mother-in-law's way of welcoming me into her family's traditions, and it has been pinned to the gown since the day Francie wore it. Every time I see it, I am reminded of my family's many blessings. Of earthly joys, they are my choice indeed.

'Sup, yo? I'm totally baptized. Jealous?
Aaaand I'm back . . .

Don't eat me, Mom!

A Bun in the hand is worth two in the pew
(I don't even know what that's supposed to mean, but it's late and that's the first thing that came to me.)


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Nothing better than family traditions handed down through the generations! May the fairies leave you alone. :-)

  2. Hey, the Irish traditions are almost exactly like those (except for the black cat one). My mom taught me many of those same traditions, learned from her mom.

    Congratulations to Bun on his baptism!

  3. I love the traditions that you carry on. It's wonderful that you do that. The pictures of Bun are just too cute. He is a beautiful baby!!

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Aimee- first off, you look beautiful!
    Second, I'm impressed you even got Bun baptized in such a timely manner. And got him a baby book? Truly, you are on top of things!
    Third, that is one chunk of cuteness!

  5. GeeGee8:39 AM

    Thank you for your "earthly choices" they are my blessings as well...isn't it amazing how love grows and shares blessings on many! Thank you to Aunt C and Uncle T (who also have a BEAUTIFUL blessing) Please send me as many pictures as you can. I would love to share them with your godmother...love and kisses to all the beautiful cheeks...

  6. ROTFL!! Love the captions. You look so good! And if you get more than the name and date in the baby book for #4, you're ahead of me!

    Congrats to Bun and you all. Happy Baptism!

  7. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I was going to leave a comment about the adorable Bun's initiation into our faith but then I saw the button... "This blog needs more cowbells"

    Oh, goodness. I forgot all about the honorary band member ringing the cowbell. I think I hurt myself laughing so hard. Thanks for the exercise!

  8. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I just want to say how cute he is- I think he looks like Rob in the first pic but definitely you in the others.
    mirabella mom


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