Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Mother of a Learning Curve

Kristen from We Are That Family has written a little top ten list of some of the things she has learned since becoming a mom, just in time for Mother's Day (Psst. It's Sunday, May 11th. If you are not a mom, go write that down.) I can especially relate to #10, much to my dismay at my weekly weigh-ins.

My kids have taught me many things, none of which can be considered marketable skills, but who cares? I am not on the market anyway.

Ten Things I Didn't Know Before I Became A Mom:

10. I didn't know that I would shower with a three foot tall audience. Daily.

9. I didn't know that all my furniture would be either plastic or lovingly "hand-distressed."

8. I didn't know that I would catch vomit with my bare hands just to keep it off the carpet.

7. I didn't know that I would sit and sniff my baby's sweet milky breath while he sleeps in my arms.

6. I didn't know that I would carry a purse the size of a duffel bag, and that it would only contain two things that I actually need for myself.

5. I didn't know that I would come to love the space a minivan affords. It took me almost three kids to learn this one.

4. I didn't know that sometimes, while lying in bed late at night, I would picture a scenario where my child was hurt or missing and I would feel a real-life physical pain in my chest.

3. I didn't know that I would call my mother to brag about toilet habits.

2. I didn't know that after I had Francie and was trying to nurse her, I would let so many people handle The Girls. Or that I would actually flag them down to do so.

1. I didn't know that I would be this tired . . . or this happy.


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Thanks for the morning chuckle. Many people have handled my girls, too. Hopefully, the next person will be a surgeon!

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Awww, I can relate to so many of those. I think this is the beginning of a new meme because I'm gonna have to do this on my blog.

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    BTW - did you know that this is actually part of a contest on notes from my nest?

    Since you already did the work I thought you might be interested on how to enter for some prizes.

  4. I love your list! It's so fun. I totally agree with number 1 and I'm feeling it today!

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    As you know, I can relate to #2 with Annaka and the stress of oh, nursing is the easiest most natural thing in the world. I can also relate to the toilet training bragging. However, I have also called my mom crying because I thought they would never get it.
    Mirabella MOM

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love it! I can relate to every single one!

  7. I also didn't know that I could love 4 people equally the same, with a love that surpasses anything I've ever known before.

    Great list!

  8. (grin) I can so relate to number 8!

    Toilet habits are reserved for my blog, dah-link...

  9. Very cute! And you can add crying to #4.


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