Friday, March 07, 2008

"I'll Take Potpourri for 200, Alex"

In the inimitable words of Robert Plant: "It's been a long time since I rock n' rolled."
Or posted to the blog. Whatever.

Things here are . . . well, they're here and that's about the best I have to say for this week. I've been grappling with some familiar demons this week, as well as a baby who has decided that sleep is for sissies. And he ain't no sissy, my friends.

So while I sort some things out, I'll leave you with some bits and pieces for the weekend. Maybe I'll even get the chance to write some kind of cathartic post this weekend, but don't hold your breath. It's pretty hard to type with Bun the Symbiotic hanging on my arm.
First up, some awards. For what, I don't know. They certainly can't be for blog content, and they sure as heck aren't for graceful parenting. But you know what? I take 'em where I can get 'em, my friends.

Karen from The Rocking Pony, gave this award to all of her readers whose last names fall in the A-L range. Hey, that's me! (Like I said: I take 'em where I can get 'em)
I will pass this along to anyone who reads this blog; if you can't be called "True Blue" for sticking with me through all this mediocrity, then I don't know who can! If you want it, here it is come and get it, but you better hurry cause it's going fast. (name that tune . . . seriously, name it, because now it is running through my head and I can't think of the title or the artist.)

Muddy Mama has given me:

Now all I have to do is link to Ukok's Place, and pass it along to five bloggers. Easy, breezy, lemon squeezy! First, I'm zinging this right back to Muddy Mama. I know she technically got it already, but I believe in blog award reciprocity. I am passing the other four slots along to some blogging women who have been my friends since grade school and high school, and who have made my little corner of the world a better place. I'm a Capricorn - I'm all about the longevity, people! They are T With Honey, The Misadventures of Mom, Blog My Memory, and Life in the Circle.

Muddy Mama also gave me this:
I am excited to see that I still retain my Excellent rating, even though I've been more like an absentee blogger these days. However, in my first posting, I did not realize that you got to award ten people! I only awarded six, so I've got some ground to make up! (Of course, all of those blogs I previously tapped as Excellent still stand.)


From the "My Mama Don't Raise No Fools" File

(scene: Fiver assembling a puzzle at the dining room table):

Francie: Oh, I'll help you do this puzzle, Fiver.

Fiver: No, I can do this myself.

Francie: No, I said I'll HELP you with this puzzle.

Fiver: I don't want you to do this puzzle.

Francie: I AM doing this puzzle with you.

Fiver: Well, then you have to pay me money to do this puzzle.

Francie (incensed): No way! I'm not paying you any money to do this puzzle! (stomps off)

Fiver: Okay.

From the "I Wish, Kid" File:

Since adding Bun to the mix, I have approximately 3.2 seconds to eat my lunch everyday. Plus, I have hauled my flabby butt back onto the Weight Watchers wagon so I have 3.2 seconds to eat my tiny portion of bland food. This makes me loathe to share what I have. (I know, it's pathetic. Sue me.)

I guess the kids have caught the drift that Mommy is grouchy when she's hungry. To be honest, they probably got the picture when I stiff-armed Fiver and hurdled Sally on my way to the refrigerator to get the last fat-free chocolate pudding cup. Usually I happily share with them, but now I think they are afraid to reach out their hands to my plate for fear of drawing back a stump.

To wit, this exchange:

Sally (reaching for me and my cup of coffee): Me? Juice?

Fiver (running in and grabbing her arms): No, Sally! This is Mommy's drinking time!

Maybe a little heavy on the Dickensian overtones, but I figure it's good to keep them just a little afraid of me.
And with that I say: Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Hang in there! I know these are tough times, but they are short. Ok, it may not seem that way now, but in 4-5 months you'll look back on these times with nostalgia (but this is #4 for you so does that wear off at some point? :D) I'm sending hugs and sleepy vibes for Bun.

  2. Congrats on the bloggy bling! So deserving. We all completely understand the absence.

  3. (((HUGS))) with those familiar demons. I hope Bun sleeps soon. Tried a sling? Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the award, love - even though i'm not known for new blog content since...oh...Halloween? ;)

    Sleep will one day be upon you again. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and sooner or later you'll be able to flick it off and get some shut eye!

    As for that song? It's called 'Come and Get It' originally by the Beatles, but became a hit when recorded by Badfinger ;)
    Is it playing over and over in your head again? Yeah? Use it to drown out the kids! ;)

  5. Sending some prayers your way. Hang in there!

    Oh, and that Fiver is one clever kid. I'm still laughing.

  6. Anonymous9:12 PM

    It sounds like you could use a margarita, although that's probably not on the weight watchers plan.

    Thanks for the award!! I never get tired of getting blog awards. It seems a little shallow but I'll take it where I can get it. ;)

  7. Aww Thanks for thinking of me Aim. Hang in there and I understand the unwillingness to share the meager portion on your plate (I've been doing WW for the last 7 weeks). Not only that - sometimes it seems like your food is the only thing that you get all to yourself. Especially with a symbiote hanging on you all of the time. Get some sleep where you can - even in a rocker with the baby propped up on the bobby (I did that on a daily basis - Sweetpea never slept either for the first 6 weeks - or else she thought 2 am was the best time of day to play).


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