Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say It In Six

I first saw the Six Word Autobiography project mentioned in an article in Entertainment Weekly, and since then I have seen it popping up all over the blogosphere (most recently over at Toddled Dredge).

The object is to sum up your life in six little words. I thought I'd try my hand at it, even though I am not functioning at full brain capacity. Let's be honest. I'm not even functioning at half my brain capacity.

All of my offerings seem to focus on the state of my life right now, not on the whole of its history. That should be even more telling of how capable I am of focusing on anything except people who's cumulative age does not equal even half of my current age. (Whoa! That was MATH right there, my friends!)


This is what I've got:
  • Life is good, despite no sleep.
  • Go big or go home, baby! (This was Rob's suggestion)
  • Silly Mommy, sleep is for kids.
  • Kids are circling; I am outnumbered.
  • Skinny people are not always happier. (just a little personal reminder to resolve some issues as I get back on the Weight Watchers wagon. Ugh.)

Reading them over, I realize how lame these are. I think I may come back to this project when I am not running completely on coffee and chocolate-covered pretzels.

But for now, it's your turn! What is your six word autobiography?

And PS?: The disabled spell-check feature is officially on my last nerve. And I had that reserved for one of the kids . . .


  1. Here are my six that just popped into my head right after reading yours:
    Too much is never enough sometimes.

    in a nutshell.
    love ya! hang in there!

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Here is mine: Wife, mom, two great boys, love.

    "You can do it!"

    Lisa L.

  3. My six...

    "Take the good with the bad"

    btw, ran into your dad at Walmart the other night....man he looks good!
    I didn't realize Bun was born on his bday!!

  4. I love "Kids are circling; I am outnumbered."!!!

    Can I take that one for my own? :)

  5. Here's mine:

    It seemed like a good idea.

    Prayers for sleep. Weightloss can come later.


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