Thursday, November 29, 2007

T Minus 10 Weeks

Well, almost ten more weeks, and we still have no name choices for Bun. Rob and I thought that by now we'd be old pros at picking a name, but each selection process has gotten harder.
Since we didn't know the gender of any of our children until their big entrance, we have always had a complete set of names for each of them. We figured that we could just recycle whatever name we didn't use, but now it feels like we are warming up the leftovers.

I know. We are weird.

What about you? Have you reused names from previous children? Do you start from scratch each and every time? Did the name of your child come to you in a dream in the tenth grade or has it changed weekly until your child was actually born?

You only have ten more weeks to offer an opinion . . . .

PS: Stay tuned for our famous HomeFront baby pool, coming in the next few weeks. Maybe it's not so famous here on the internet since I didn't have a blog when I was pregnant with the other three, but in our minds, it is legendary. And it's really fun.


  1. We came up with Little Brother's name IN THE CAR ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL. So we did only slightly better than "thinking of it in the delivery room."

    Middle Sister's name was the holdover girl's name that Big Brother didn't get. But Little Brother is not the holdover boy's name that Middle Sister didn't get. We decided we liked something else better, by that time.

    Trust me, you have an easier job. Try finding names that work well with a last name like mine...

  2. Little Guy (only eight weeks to go!) is getting the boy name leftover from my daughter. The only reason it has such staying power is because both the first and middle name are family names, and the classics never go out of style. Or they can, but you forge ahead anyway.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I have 3 and I wouldn't consider any names that had been on the old lists and I wouldn't consider any names that were in the top 25 of the social security list because my name is so common. Naming children is soooo hard, but fun too. Too bad Apple is already taken.

  4. I knew Sweetpea's name from the time I was little and thought that name was the most beautiful name ever (unlike mine!) so there was no choice there. I did let hubby pick her middle name since he hated the one I wanted. As for a boy name it just struck us one day, too bad we didn't get to use it although I probably wouldn't use it anyway. Names are once and done for me. Good luck, you don't need to have a name until the day you leave the hospital.

  5. We had a girl name before Monster was born (we don't find out either), but I am tired of it. We have fresh names for this kid. Buddy's name was one we picked when pregnant with Princess, so it lasted until we got a boy. A lot just depends on the name for us. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Annaka's name came to us on a TV show (couldn't tell you which one because it wasn't something we normally watched) Her middle name Jordan is for my baby sister who never made it into the world due to complications. Emmalee's name was on Annaka's list but as Emma (then we rethought it and decided Emma Mirabella was a tongue twister). Her middle name, Grace, is my great grandmother's. Ayden's name was on the boy list both times but never the front runner. His middle name Thomas obviously comes from Tom. We had an advantage of knowing the sex prior so that helped. We had lists each time and new ones were added but it seemed we always narrowed it down to the same favorites. Can't wait for the baby pool- our family does the same thing. Good luck!
    Mirabella MOM
    PS none of the kids have names I picked when I was younger.

  7. I stuck with the "A" portion of the baby book.

    (Hey, there were a lot to choose from, and I'm lazy like that)

  8. I have no advice to offer. Coming up with Princess's name was a torturous process.

    We started discussing baby names when we got engaged and after pouring over saint names, bible names and baby name sites we had a top 5 list for boys and girls. Eventually around 7 months pregnant I started to fall in love with her first name. We made the final decision after meeting her on her birth day.

  9. Whatever you name her, for the love of Almighty God, give her a name people can spell. Don't get overly cute or creative because you want your kid to be "unique." Please, no "Sussan" "Mari" or syllable combinations hitherto unknown. Your kid will have to spell that name for every person they meet. You say the kid's name was Shannniqkwa Maribella Washington? That kid will either grow up to be a Carmelite nun, or become a cop killer.

    Have you gone through all the family names? Grandmothers, aunts etc? Consider if the initials spell something dumb or not. Remember, this little person will have to bear the name into adulthood. She won't be getting any younger, she'll be getting older. In other words no "Sunshine."

    You can't reallly go wrong with the classics. If you MUST give your child some really off the wall "unique" name - PLEASE GIVE IT AS A MIDDLE NAME. That way if the kid hates it you won't get killed in your bed at night some time in the future by a kid who flipped.

    I used to know a first grade teacher. She was telling me that the kids in her class had some really weirdball names. She said it had been literally YEARS since she had the majority of kids with "Normal" names She said "I DID have one "Richard" two years ago. Unfortunately his parents were freakin' illiterate and spelled his name RichUrd." I kid you not. That guy's life must be living hell. "No, that's right, it's not a typo, my parents were freakin' illiterate."

    And presumably you stay away from the hot celebrity name of the day.

    For what it's worth, I have been satisfied with my name. I can't think of a name I would have rather had. So I guess they did fine by me.


  10. We had a girls name picked for our second, who was not a girl. We recycled this for the third and fourth children. We loved these names. Sadly, the next two kids were also boys and we haven't gotten to use them. I think we'll use the names on our next dogs.

  11. GeeGee9:53 AM

    As you know, we did not name #4 until the day we left the hospital,as the medical records lady was blocking the exit...Of course, your father made the final decision (as he did with all of you).However, I really think we could have done better for the Bird as his name is derived from a saint's name but isn't ACTUALLLY a saint's name. However I wouldn't change a thing about my beloved Bird and his confirmation name is great...It seems that names, their meanings and relationships to the named person have become more important to me as the years have gone by...not that we didn't spend many hours deliberating over all of our children's names!! However it wasn't until I took a course on Jesus Christ and His Mission that I realized how important it is when you name a child. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the name that is meant for your precious baby...

  12. we were the same way. somehow, the old names that i was set on for the first, just didn't seem right for the second. but both of my kids were named a day or two after birth. and even as i was filling out the birth certificate, hubby was saying "are you totally sure??"

    naming kids sure is hard. and i agree with gemoftheocean, definitely name them something you can spell. all cutesy spellings of names just make life difficult, and they're really not all that original anyway.

    and you look beautiful all big and round!!!!!! i'm secretly jealous, b/c i doubt we'll have any more it crazy that i kind of miss being pregnant?

  13. Well... We usually have a good name in mind before the peanut arrives. Everyone else has given good advice for name choosing. Good luck.

    The Boy's name was a hold over from all the times the girls turned out boys. Oldest Girl got 2 gramma names, Curly Girl got 2 great-gramma names, and Roo Boo got names we just liked, Irish style.

    Michael's name was from the book of saints we have and God willing, we will have a hard time choosing another name soon.


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