Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Special Request

I've been known to link to good causes in the past, and I am linking to another one right now. I have been following Jenn's heartbreaking posts over at Serving the Queens, and she has asked for a favor.

A young man in her family, Sgt. Matthew Blaskowski, was recently killed in Afghanistan and his funeral is this Thursday. Jenn has posted some beautiful and moving pictures on her site, and she wants to compile all of the comments and condolences on this post into a sympathy card for Matt's parents, Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski.

If you have just a spare minute, please click over and tell this young man's parents how much the country appreciates his, and their, sacrifices. This is not a political statement on the war, and comments will be monitored. This is a way to say we're sorry for your loss and thank you; won't you please consider a few words of support and prayer for a grieving family?

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