Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Writing on the Wall

Here is a little tip for any children, especially those who live here at The HomeFront, who decide to write on the wall:

When your mother comes to you and wants to know why you wrote the word SCRABBLE on the wall in the hallway, DO NOT DENY having done it. Your mother may be tired, but she is smart, and she knows that not only are you the only child in the house who can read and write, but you also love to play Scrabble. It also doesn't help your case when neither your brother or sister can hold a pencil long enough to form any letters, or that your mother, in her wilder preschool years, was known to deface some property with scribbles of her own.

Honesty really is the best policy - and she's totally on to you anyway, my friend.


  1. It was Mrs. Plum in the hallway with the crayon. Yeah, that's who did it!

    Oh, man. I remember trying to blame the dogs for stuff I did. How they could have possibly gotten into the medicine cabinet, grabbed mom's foundation, pinned me on the ground and smeared it all over my face, hair, and shirt we'll never know. But that was my story.

  2. I blamed my dog for wrapping a banana in a washcloth and then shoving it down the toilet as it flushed. Boy, dogs sure are smart aren't they?

    Mr Clean Magic Eraser to the works great on walls.

  3. TEEHEE!

    i am reminded of the time when i scratched (no, not just wrote, i was BIG TIME baby! LOL) my brother's name into the wooden desk. i put HIS name so he would get in trouble for it....but i wrote one of the letters backward, which he no longer did...especially if he were defacing the desk.

    too funny!

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Hey, Honey, it's been a long time since we played a board game, and I thought that after the kids are in bed we could get out the Scrabb--


    I've said too much.

  5. my brother used to blame stuff on his best friend in seattle for weeks after we had already moved to texas. 'todd did it!' was his standard line. of course he was only 3.

  6. OOOO! Someone's in trouble. Hope you have Mr. Clean Magic Eraser handy.

  7. I find it very interesting that she wrote Scrabble on the wall. Was she asking to play? Was she taunting you somehow? Does she have mad Scrabble skills?

    Our walls are the same color too.

  8. a Scrabble scribble! genius!
    *evil* genius!

  9. What is it with kids wanting to write on other mediums besides paper?

  10. Be thankful it wasn't a verb!

    (As an only child, I didn't get away with ZIP at my house.)

  11. On second thought - if I child were smart, and REALLY wanted to get away with writing on the wall there is only ONE sentence that *might* and I emphasize *might* is the operative word here work is this:

    "I love you, mommy."


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