Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Envelope Please . . .

At long last, the verdict is in and we have a winner for my Bloggiversary Meme! Actually, we had a winner several days ago, but things have been so busy with school starting and therapy days changing and the general fatigue that comes from growing a human, that I haven't had time to finish this post. But a little suspense is good for you. Honest.

Before I announce the winner of a king's ransom to, I just want to say thank-you for playing along. I was convinced that Rob would be the only one to respond, and then I would have had to hand the gift certificate over to him so that he could complete his Led Zeppelin obsession collection. Thankfully, you all rallied and that scenario has not come to pass. (Not that I don't enjoy the Led, honey)

Your answers provided many laughs and even some actual career plans. Johanna said that Rob and I would be writers for The History Channel, which sounds like a great gig. Mostly because my husband is a font of historical information and he would totally let me copy off of his paper. Plus, she said that I would be portrayed by Belle, my most favorite cartoon "princess" of all time, and so now I love Johanna even more.

I love that T envisioned Katharine Hepburn for me, because I have always thought she was just so cool. She had her act together, all the time, and, as someone who feels like her act is going on without her, that is completely appealing. And then T picked Ashley Judd as a living actress to play me. Thank you, T! I can't tell you how many times people do not stop me on the street and tell me how much I look like Ashley Judd. It happens every day, as a matter of fact! I also love that T had me as a big deal in NYC, but that I grew tired of the Big Apple and hightailed it home to PA. It's always nice to dream that someplace as hip as NYC wants you, but that you are even hipper and decide to bug out.

Kim envisioned an homage to my all-time favorite television show during high school, Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I don't know why I loved that show so much; I'm just chalking it up to the same brain malfunction that causes me to stop the remote every time I see a re-run of Who's the Boss? She scored major points with Scarlett Johansson as my actress, who is a big-time favorite of Rob. And I'd love to hear that Harry Chapin/Carole King soundtrack.

Mirabella Mom had another good actress pick with Kimberly Williams Paisley. I think she is just darling, plus we love her husband's music around here. And don't forget that she picked Colin Firth as my hubby (so yummy) - that makes me happy. Add to all of this the job she picked for me - an ad exec. So cool! I'll do anything I can to change some of the stupid ads that are out there now. Especially if they are targeted to kids.

Marguerite had me rolling with her pick of "Judy Garland minus the pills and booze." I also dig the thought of a job as a professional board game player; I could rock that job. But the best part? A van like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that could fly over the traffic on Rt. 22 and MacArthur Rd. Oh that would be sah-weet!

Meg also had me paired up with Colin Firth (lu-huv it!) and I know I could knock out a few romance novels in my spare time (hee!). Plus, her show title was the best of the bunch. "Write For You" is a perfect play on words.

Which brings us back to DO! (oh-oh-oh . . .): of all the entries, the one that takes the prize is from my former college roommate, Amy Michelle. I loved everything about her idea. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I have seen Kate Walsh, so I am pretty happy with that choice. What makes me even happier is that she did not pick Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey as my husband. The few snippets of Grey's Anatomy that I have caught have left me more with an impression of him as McWhiny than McDreamy. (If you love McD, please just remember that my opinion is an uninformed one. ) I have also never watched Medium with any regularity, but I have really liked Jake Weber's character in the show. Who knew he was pulling a Hugh Laurie and disguising his accent? Bonus! Amy also had me writing romance novels (are you guys trying to tell me something?) and teaching at the local college - definitely an upgrade over the days when the baby is throwing up on me and I'm not showered until three in the afternoon. Believe it or not, I kind of want to see my own show! I know, I'm weird.

Congratulations, Amy, and check your email for a gift certificate to Buy something frivolous from me to you! And thanks again, my friends, for devoting your time and brain power to my amusement. You are all just lovely people, you know.


  1. this was fun!
    more assignments, teacher!
    : )

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Now I will need to resort to unscrupulous methods to obtain the Led...


  3. Marguerite9:47 AM

    Congrats to Amy Michelle!

  4. This blog-community is full of awesome people, isn't it?

  5. Congrats, Amy Michelle!
    That was lots of fun, and i, too, got a good giggle from some of the entries. What a creative lot we are!

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I don't know the people in Amy's scenario so I voted Johanna's entry as winner. She so nailed it with Belle. (Of course I've known for years that Belle was your heroine,but it really does fit you...)And because I really am not impressed with many of the current Hollywood crop, I would have gone with Gary Cooper and Carol Lombard or Grace Kelly and Cary Grant or Kate Hepburn and the Spence or...I could go on...but congrats to was fun to read...

  7. Amy Michelle3:01 PM

    I am so proud! Maybe I should consider a career change . . .

    Thanks for giving us such a great contest -- I had so much fun getting into this.

    And yes, we are trying to tell you something with the romance novel angle. I seem to remember a few scenes penned in college that could rival what we find on the bookstore shelves . . .


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