Monday, August 27, 2007

The Bloggiversary Meme: Contest Edition

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Alrighty, my friends, the game is afoot! In honor of one year of The Mother Load, I present the Bloggiversary Meme, also known as You Oughta Be in Pictures. Here's how it works:

You, my lovely readers, are to pitch me a concept for a movie/television show about my life. To give you a jump start, you can answer the five questions listed below - and the more descriptive/funny/heartwarming/quirky, the better. I will even give you little editorial elaborations on these questions, just in case they are not clear enough. Go with your gut, and use what you have learned about my personality from this blog.

The winner of this contest will get a nicely sized gift certificate to, and you DO NOT need your own blog to win! You DO need to leave a comment with your answers. I know there are readers out there who have never commented - and some of them, ahem, are related to me - so now is your chance to win something for commenting. It's now or never, people!

I will leave this contest open until Monday, August 27th, 7 pm EST, at which time I will sit down with a huge bowl of ice cream and pick a winner. I will consider all entries, even if you have never heard of this blog until now (which, given my sitemeter stats, is highly probable).

One last piece of business: I need to thank Rob for the great idea, as always.

The Pitch:
  1. Who would play me? (I like classy actresses with cool accents. Hint, hint.)
  2. Who would play Rob? (If you don't say Colin Firth, you are dead to me. Kidding! But that gives you an idea of my "type" )
  3. What would my job be if I wasn't a stay-home mom (or even if I wasn't a mom. Can you imagine? I can't . . .)
  4. What is the theme song/soundtrack of my show/movie? (pick a genre, any genre. But if you pick gangsta rap, chances are you might be new here)
  5. What is the title of this production? (this is all you, my friends! Make it count.)
  6. Get crazy! Go on and add any other details that you see fit.

Good Luck! - and feel free to advertise (unless you want to play it close to the vest and limit the competition, which is probably what I would do)


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    1. Kate Winslet (I know that you've secretly always coveted an English accent)!
    2. I'd like to say Daniel Craig but, in the name of truthfulness, it would probably be Ed Begley, Jr.
    3. Hmmm...what job combines passion, caring, knowledge, intuition, persistence, patience and style...none that I can think of, so I'll say a Duchess (less stuffy than a queen, more $$ than a baroness)
    4. So many to choose from..."Amie"? "Manic Monday"? "Our House"? "Monkey Let the Hogs Out"? I think that I have to stick with the Led: "Rock and Roll" (because it's been a long time since I rock and rolled...)
    5. The Duchess of Pennsylvania
    6. Do I get bonus points for being first?

    -Husband of Duchess

  2. Rob is too funny.

    This deserves some thought.

    "Picture it: Sicily, 1943. A young paesana walking down a country lane...." Nope. That won't do... it deserves more thought....

  3. hmmmm.... an interesting challenge indeed

  4. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Okay, here's mine.
    I know she doesn't have an accent but I could see Kimberly Williams Paisley playing you. Rob, well I'll give you Colin Firth. I think your job would be something like ad executive but geared toward new innovative children's products and you would come up with great commercials based on your on "trials" with said products.I think associated with this you would have a child rearing tips website, like dear abby for new moms. Oh and obviously, there would still be the kids. I think I would call your show, "Got it together?" and make it a play on words because to the passerby you've got everything under control but the humor would lie in the reality we all live in where a true mom is just barely hanging on to sanity. Maybe that could be another title- "Barely hanging on to sanity."
    Can' wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
    Mirabella MOM

  5. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Do the actors have to be living?

  6. Anonymous - is that you, Mom? :) No, I guess the actors don't have to be living, but am I THAT decrepit already? Or is it just that you don't like any actors now living :). It's your call.

  7. As much as I want the gift certificate, I get tired head just thinking about this. I have zero creative ability in my body. Especially my pregnant body. I will just read the other entries and wish I was funny like them.

  8. Marguerite7:30 PM

    OK Aimee I am delurking just for you........

    1. To pick just one actress to play you....I lean towards Alyson Hannigan-she's feisty....but it later years Kathy Ireland(thats for Rob)...however if it could be anyone it would be Judy Garland(minus the pills and booze)
    2. Neil Patrick Harris all the way for my darling brother....but for Aimee I will consider casting Pierce Bronsnan
    3.Professional board game player with world championship titles in Taboo and Songburst who also solves crimes ala Charlies Angels(in a minivan with three kids in tow)
    4. Because I personally get sick of theme songs rather quickly it would change depending on the show content-but always sung by Aimee-a little Sunshine on my Shoulders or Close to you....
    5. The Taboo Files(risque but really not)
    6. Cast of thousands ... I prefer Sarah Michelle Gellar for me but accept Debbie Gibson, Jason would like George Clooney but more fitting would be Kevin James...Julie Andrews for your mom, Dick Van Dyke(much younger) for you dad(they can help with the singing)..Oh and the mini van would be like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and could fly over the traffic on route 22 and MacArthur Road......
    Love, Marguerite

  9. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Forgot to add my soundtrack song- "From my front porch looking in"
    Mirabella MOM

  10. 1. Don't snort coffee out your nose when you read this but... every time I see Katherine Hepburn I think of you. Since she is no longer available to fill this leading role I need to pick someone else. It took me a long time but I finally decided on Ashley Judd.

    2. I came up with David Tennant. He's played Barty Crouch Jr in HP and the Goblet of Fire. But I know him better from the SciFi channel's Dr. Who.

    3. You're definitely still a mom. It's part of who you are and you LOVE it despite how impish they can be at times. At some point you put your English degree and wit to good use and wrote a best selling piece of fiction. That gave you just enough fame that you are now one of the hosts of The View. But the commute into NYC drives you nuts and you leave the show after only 6 months to return to the Lehigh Valley and write articles for all of the parenting magazines. One of the perks of your new job is a corporate account at Staples for all the office supplies you "need".

    4. "Well you know my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings." Oh, wait, that doesn't quite work for all of your life.
    Now for my real pick: Blessed - Martina McBride

    5. From Pigtails to Paradise

    6. There must be flash backs to the following:
    - May Procession at SCS
    - Some chorus function from CCHS
    - The caterer diving for the cake at your wedding reception
    - A late night trip to The Coop
    - your choice of proud mommy moments

    All scenes would be shot on location. There's just no substitute for authentic dorm rooms and the Luden's mansion. This also means you get to remodel your current house into your dream home and work with an interior decorator to get the look just right. When filming is over all 'props' can either be left in your house or donated to charity.

  11. 1. Scarlett Johannson- she's the only one with the range AND the beauty to carry the role
    2. Bruce Boxleitner a la 20 years ago
    3. You are a struggling children's author who volunteers at the local library in the children's section and waitresses at night
    4. The soundtrack is an original score penned by Harry Chapin and Carole King (the long-awaited collaboration) that includes dramatic, gut-wrenching, emotional songs that tell the story along the way.
    5. "Betrothed and Betrayed"
    6. Aimee is struggling- wanting to get her craft recognized while trying to earn a buck to pay the rent. One day, on her way home from the library, a mysterious man appears and threatens her- he forces her to take a valise and warns that he will find her after the weekend and expects her to return it intact- OR ELSE. A quick glance into the bag reveals jewels- no doubt a heist from a local store. She conceals the bag and rushes to her home, unsure what to do. She contacts a private detective (BB) because she was forbidden to go to the police. The side-story is that said detective is engaged to a gal utterly wrong for him, and as the story progresses (over the weekend) the detective realizes that he really loves Aimee, and not his fiance. The betrayal part comes in when, seemingly through the detective's "aid", Aimee winds up being arrested and charged with the jewel heist. The movie culminates in a courtroom drama scene and the detective ends up being the key witness to her freedom. Upon her release, the detective reveals that not only has he broken it off with his woman, but he wants to marry her. Oh- and his father happens to be a well-known children's literature publisher who gives her a gig.

  12. Amy Michelle8:28 AM

    Okay, here goes . . .

    This story is not a pat, tie-it-up-in-two-hours kind of thing. It's about the moments, the vignettes, so we're definitely talking series, here.

    Aimee is played by Kate Walsh of Grey's Anatomy . . . yeah, sorry, no accent. I like her because she has an aura of intelligence and capability without being stuffy or losing her quirkiness. She's very emotional, too, which is important here. [If we don't like her in the pilot, we can always try to woo Renee Zellweger into television. Or shamelessly steal from some of the other good ideas posted -- we are talking Hollywood here.]

    For Rob . . . it's tempting to say Dr. McDreamy just for consistency's sake, but I'm going to go with Jake Weber of Medium, simply because he's the coolest husband on TV. I like how he takes everything in stride and always supports his wife -- even when he has to remind her that she's being a nutcase. I actually think he's cuter than Patrick Dempsey, anyway -- and even though he doesn't use it in his current show, in reality he's got a sexy English accent.

    There's no question of not being a mom -- it's too much a part of you . . . and of course, the source for so much of the humor and heart of the show. And I can't see you putting the kids in day-care either, so you only work out of the home part-time, teaching literature and writing at the local college. You've been offered a full professorship countless times, but you've turned it down, at least until the kids are older. While the kids are at school/napping, you churn out romance novels with expert speed. You have plans for a "real" novel as well, but it won't get beyond the notes stage until the kids are all in school full-time.

    All this, of course, is periphery stuff -- the real meat of the show is about the family relationships, so this series is called "House of Love." You do, after all, have the coolest husband in TV, and soon-to-be 4 fantastic kids. Your theme song is "I Know Where Love Lives" by Hal Ketchum -- but your soundtrack is more extensive than that. There'll be a variety of tunes, old and new, all genres, to fit the moments in each episode. Again, we'll steal from great suggestions of others -- "Our House" and "Blessed" would no doubt be included within the first few episodes.

    So, what else . . . it's tougher to pick actors for the kids, as I'm not really up on my child stars. I'll just say that it's too bad Hayden Panetierre grew up -- I recently saw Remember the Titans with her at about 10 years old, and she would definitely have the attitude required for Older Girl!

    That's all that this pregnant brain can come up with. Let me know when you're ready to fly to CA with me to pitch it . . .


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  14. i don't know why it broke up my entry into sections of two lines

  15. Ok, I'm not really good with actors and actresses, so I'm going the animated route...

    Who would play me?
    Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) "Belle is as lovely as her name implies, but her natural beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent, avid reader, she yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She's a loyal, loving daughter... Belle is a young woman who can -- and does make things happen." (from disney's description of Belle... so fitting!)

    Who would play Rob?
    Prince Charming

    Older Girl - Doc (The 7 Dwarves)
    The Boy - Bashful (The 7 Dwarves)
    Baby Girl - Happy (The 7 Dwarves)
    New Baby - Sleepy (The 7 Dwarves)

    hmmm... perhaps you need 3 more children ;-) (no, John didn't pay me to say that :D)

    What would my job be if I wasn't a stay-home mom ?
    You and Rob would be writers for the history channel... you'd spend your days reading, writing, and spending plenty of time with your 7 kids. The history channel's sponsor would provide a continuous supply of ice cream to encourage your writing process. The series would be about the adventures of your family being transported through time back to whatever the current history writing involves. You would be transported back only after you found new facts to wirte about that had been lost over time. Meanwhile, you'd be experiencing the lives of those involved in the particular historical event.

    What is the theme song/soundtrack of my show/movie?
    Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (it's happy... and it's from Song of the South!)

    What is the title of this production?
    In the life and time of "?"

  16. Who Would Play You:

    Mary Louise Parker, a la 'Fried Green Tomatoes'

    Who Would Play Rob:

    This one was difficult as others chose answer that i would've chosen, but all things considered, i'll go with Colin Firth just for the heck of it

    What Would Your Job Be:

    You would be a single mother of three and an author of romance novels, particularly, Old South/Civil War era.
    Yes, i'm aware i said SINGLE MOTHER...hang on, Rob DOES fit in, i swear ;)

    What Is The Theme song/Soundtrack:

    It would be older country, Pasty Cline and the like.

    What Is The Title:

    "Write For You" a plot and stuff:

    You are a young widow with three children writing Old South romance novels in a small town and making a fairly nice living. A gentleman visits town one day looking for you. He is a marketing representative of the publishing house for your novels and is looking to give your readers a more in depth look at you and your life. Having three childern to raise on your own you are not interested and are quite averse to this big city man coming to pry into your private life. Over the course of the movie he flls more in love and wins over both your children and you, gives up the big city life and joins your family....proving that he is "Write (right) For You"

  17. Anonymous12:04 PM


  18. I don't have an answer and I'm totally late on posting, but happy Blogg-o-versary!


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