Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Alumni Newsletter Meme

This was too good to pass up, my friends. I saw this over at BooMama's, who was originally tagged by Veronica from Toddled Dredge (both highly recommended sites, by the way), and I knew I must participate. BooMama tagged everyone, and I pass that tag along to you, my friends. This is how it works:

The idea is to write two blurbs for your alumni newsletter, updating your life. The first should be the perky, show-offy kind that everyone writes. The second should be the darker side of honest.

Aimee's Alumni Update: Version 1

All is well with Aimee and Rob, who have just celebrated ten years of wedded bliss this summer. After proudly serving his country with a nine year stint in the Navy, Rob joined the civilian world and is now working in a Family Medicine residency program. He was recently promoted to program director, and is enjoying his busy and fulfilling days teaching residents, seeing patients, and delivering babies. He has also published several medical papers and has spoken at a regional medical conference.

Aimee devotes all of her time to her three active children, ages 8, 4, and 1, and she and Rob are also excitedly waiting for the newest member of their family to arrive in February. Aimee enjoys singing with the church choir and volunteering at school, and has been working on some freelance writing of her own. In her spare time, she likes to putter around the garden and decorate the house.

Aimee and Rob would love to catch up with everyone in person, and they are looking forward to Aimee's tenth college reunion this fall.

Aimee's Alumni Update: Version 2

Well, here we are. Aimee and Rob celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary this summer, and they are still going strong, despite all attempts by their children to deprive them of anything more than 3.2 seconds alone with each other.

Rob finished his career with the Navy, after a surprise call-up with the Navy reserves that took him away from home for nine months. He is now the director of a Family Medicine residency program, which means he gets to teach residents, see patients, deliver babies, make up a call schedule with which no one is ever satisfied, get lectured on productivity, and sign the equivalent of three trees' worth of paper every day. Then he gets to come home and "handle his children."

Aimee spends her time at home with the children. Period. She is too tired to do anything else. Except for choir, which she counts as a Girls Night Out, even though it's at church. At least there is adult conversation. She also volunteers at school so she can check up on her oldest child and make sure she is not on the verge of expulsion for constant talking in class. She has used her English degree precisely one time when she managed to get a piece of freelance writing published. Her hobbies include ripping waist-high weeds out of her garden while promising herself that she is going to hire someone to come and raze the whole da*n thing so that she can just start over from scratch. She also likes to rip pictures out of home improvement and decorating magazines while sitting in a room that has not seen so much as a furniture movement in four years.

Aimee and Rob would love to catch up with everyone in person, but honestly, Aimee feels like she has gotten too fat to even be seen in public. So that's where we stand.


  1. Nice updates.

    I had been thinking about doing this one but I still have to finish the moaning meme. If only I had a laptop at work so I could write them during the 6 hour meeting I have today.

  2. ROFL!
    I know what you mean about Girls Night Out.
    Great updates!

  3. Okay - the last two lines? Made me laugh out loud and clap my hands. Which I SO needed today.

    And if you knew how excited I am about Bible study / choir starting next Wednesday, you would know that I completely understand why you consider choir a girls' night out. Because people don't PULL ON YOUR SHIRT at choir, you see. And if they do, it's because they want to tell you something funny, not because they want to wipe their nose.

  4. I love the last paragraph. That's not something you'd see in alumni magazines, but I bet it is a very common thought.

  5. Fantastic job, Aimee! You know, I think I liked the 'real' version best. Laugh out loud funny!

  6. Anonymous12:42 PM

    That was hilarious! You are such gifted writer.


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