Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Full Year

Happy First Birthday to our darling little dumpling of a baby. You are a delightful, toothsome, lurching wee beastie and we wouldn't have you any other way. And now, just imagine your brother and sister singing this favorite song to you:

Well we never really knew,
How much we needed you,
Before you came into our lives,
Things were pretty nice.
All the presents 'round the tree,
Were mostly meant for me,
Now we'll split 'em up evenly,
That's how it's gotta be,
Because you're worth it,
Maybe more . . .

Who knew a baby sister,
Could come along and make us realize
how much we always missed her?

'Cause now we're doing cartwheels
And somersaults,
And it's all your fault,
Yeah it's all your fault,
It's you we love
(Mama, can I hold her?)
It's you we love,
(Just put her on your shoulder)
It's you we love . . .
Love . . . .
(from the Justin Roberts CD, Meltdown)


  1. aww so cute! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Love!

    I love the slide shows. awesome!

  3. You and your family are so beautiful.

    The post was so sweet; the best kind of gift: heartfelt.

  4. Happy 1st, Baby Girl!!

    We love ya!


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